Travel Safety

As newcomers in a foreign land, we often face concerns that cause anxieties — regardless they are legitimate or unfounded. From the immigration officer who interrogate us of our travel plans and itinerary and at the customs inspections on our luggage, we have these “what ifs” in our mind. What if I fail to answer a simple question from the immigration officer? What if someone did a prank and slipped a banned item into my bag — lighter, hazardous chemical or worse, prohibited drugs?


Once we get out of the arrival exit door, we realize we’re thinking too much. But the real concern awaits when we venture into the field, suddenly becoming prey to street scammers and sweet talkers, get arrested for ignorance of the law or get lost in the countryside in a place that doesn’t speak our language. Whether you call it a mishap or adventure, it’s all part of the journey. But what’s more important is that we get back safe and maintain our sanity.

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