When traveling by air, it is understood that the luggage you are bringing conforms with airline’s specifications and limits. Failure to do so will, at least, delay the check in process, become more costly for the traveler or in rare cases, deny the passenger to board the scheduled flight.

Passengers have different reasons on flying, and this can be evident in the amount of luggage they bring. Those migrating to their destinations have considerably more bags than business travelers or holidaymakers. But regardless of purpose of travel, it is important to note the following tips:

  1. Baggage cannot be checked prior to the day of departure.
  2. Only use a lock that is identified as a “TSA-recognized” for safety purposes.
  3. Your name and address must be on the outside of your baggage. Put your name and address on the inside of your baggage too.
  4. Claim your baggage immediately upon arrival.
  5. If you are deviating from your ticketed itinerary, please advise the airport agent before checking your luggage.
  6. Verify that the number of claim checks you are given corresponds to the number of bags you checked.
  7. check-inRemove straps, hangers and protruding objects to avoid damage to your bag.
  8. Don’t over pack. Doing so subjects bags to overcapacity beyond its weight and volume limit and damage may occur during loading, unloading or transit.
  9. Do not pack fragile items inside your checked luggage.
  10. With aim to recognize your luggage easily at the airport of arrival you can mark it with additional signs (bright sticker, ribbon, belt etc.).
  11. Di not pack your passport, visas and other travel documents in checked luggage. These belong in your hand luggage for easy access.
  12. Never put cash, credit or debit cards in your checked luggage.
  13. Label your bags with your name and destination address and your email and/or mobile phone number. It’s a good idea to put a label inside your bag as well as outside.
  14. Avoid using your home address on baggage labels.
  15. Please keep all your luggage tags received on check-in until you collect your baggage at the airport of arrival.
  16. Remove all old tags and labels from previous flights.
Airline Carry-on baggage limits Hold baggage limits
Aer Lingus 56x45x25cm, 6kg 2 bags max 36kg total transatlantic, zero free allowance within Europe
Air Canada 55x40x23cm (9×15.5×21.5in), 10kg (22lb), plus personal item that goes to an maximum size of 16x33x43cm (6x13x17in) 1x23kg transatlantic, others vary depending on route.
Air France 55x35x25cm, 12kg, plus 1 handbag/laptop 20kg but varies on some routes
Air New Zealand 115cm total, 7kg + thin laptop pouch 1x23kg or 2x23kg according to route
Alaska Airlines 61x43x25cm, 5kg 22.6kg -Baggage fees apply
Alitalia 55x35x25cm, 5kg 20kg or 2x23kg according to route
American Airlines 56x36x23cm (22x14x9in) plus an Personal Item
Aurigny Air Services 43x30x18cm, 10kg (6kg some routes) 20kg
BMI 55x40x23cm plus a ‘personal item'(handbag, laptop, etc) 20kg total
BMI baby 55x40x20cm, 10kg 0
British Airways 56x45x25cm 90x75x43cm, 23kg x 1 UK domestic/short-haul, 23kg x 2 long-haul
Delta Air Lines 115cm total (56x36x23cm) plus one personal item 22.6kg – baggage fees apply
Easyjet 56x45x25cm 20kg total for up to 8 bags
Emirates 55x38x20cm, 7kg 30kg in Economy, but check with codeshares
Finnair 56x45x25cm, 8kg 20kg, or 2x32kg to USA & Canada
Flybe 55x40x23cm, 10kg 20kg
Garuda Indonesia 56x36x23cm, 7kg plus laptop or beauty case domestic: 20kg for economy / 30kg for business. international: 30kg for both economy and business. Weight limit is regardless of luggage #.
Iberia 55x40x20cm, 10kg 23kg, or 2x23kg for Americas, Africa & Middle EastFor European flight, overweight charge is €15 per bag, regardless of extra weight. Items over 32kg are not accepted at all.
Icelandair no limits listed 20kg
Iceland Express 55x35x25cm plus a laptop and duty free carrier bag, 10kg 20kg
Jet2 56x45x25cm, 10kg 0
KLM 55x35x25cm, 12kg 20kg or 2x32kg on some routes
Lufthansa 55x40x20cm or foldable garment bag, 8kg 20kg (more on long haul)
Manx2 55x35x20cm, 10kg 0
Monarch 56x45x25cm, 10kg 0
Norwegian 55x40x23cm, 10kg 2x20kg
Qantas 115cm (56x36x23cm), 7kg + laptop 30kg with exceptions between Singapore-Narita, Singapore-Haneda and Singapore-Helsinki
Qatar 50x37x25, 7kg 30kg or 2x23kg transatlantic
Ryanair 55x40x20cm, 10kg 0
SAS Scandinavian Airlines 55x40x23cm, 8kg 23kg (30 kg on business+long haul)
Singapore Airlines dimensions vary[2], 7kg 30kg or 2x23kg according to route
South African Airways 115cm total, 8kg 20kg
TAM Airlines 115cm total, 5kg 2 items, each max 32kg and 158cm max dimensions(International flight)
Thomas Cook Airlines 55x40x20cm, 10kg
Thomson Airways 55x40x20cm, 10kg 0
United Airlines 56x35x23cm (22x14x9in) Plus an Personal bag 22.6kg -Baggage fees apply
Virgin Atlantic Airways 56x36x23cm, 6kg 2 items, each max 23kg and 158cm max dimensions
IATA limit 56x45x18cm 158cm max total dimensions, 32kg per item