The famous Louvre Museum was recently closed temporarily due to the proliferation of pickpockets in its vast galleries.

Usual victims are young students from various educational institutes and schools although there are also several tourists who have also lost items, like wallets, cash, credit cards, cellular phones and other gadgets. It is important to stay cautious and learn the best practices to avoid trouble.

Change pockets. 

Putting your wallet and other valuable items in your rear pocket makes these very easy targets because you cannot easily see or feel what’s behind you. Transfer all your things to your front pockets or jacket pockets. Cover the top portion with a handkerchief or a paper napkin to make it harder for pickpockets to pull out. You can also practice putting your hands inside your pockets most of the time to shield it from aggressive individuals.

Have a buddy. 

Look for one or two persons that you will explore with. Discuss how the two or three of you will be looking out for each other. Your buddy should constantly watch your back while you watch his. This will prevent unscrupulous individuals from conveniently getting behind your back and trying to steal things off you. An extra set of eyes will increase your security easily.


Bring a lock. 

If you need to carry a backpack or purse, invest in a small lock. Lock the two zippers or seal off the openings properly then keep the key in your front pocket. You can feel safe about your bag as you browse the different displays at the Louvre Museum. You might also like to try wearing your backpack in front and practice putting your purse in front of you at all times to keep it visible.

Check the surroundings. 

Also observe individuals that you do not know, especially when going through the museum in a group. Check their behavior and if they seem to be stalking certain individuals inside. Tell others to keep watch over their belongings and to monitor the suspicious characters in the building. If someone seems to be following you, report the person to the authorities or museum staff right away.

If you catch a pickpocket in the act, call everyone’s attention, record a video or take a quick photo and then call museum staff or the authorities. Do not attempt to apprehend the suspect on your own to stay safe from desperate attacks or attempts to flee.