You can’t make to every country in the world without first learning how to navigate the travel industry and how to make it favor you. For some years now, there have been a spread of magnificent online tools and apps, there were all designed to facilitate traveling for both passengers and airlines.

These apps have made it easier and more convenient for booking, from flights to hotel reservation or airport lounges, apartment including choosing your preferred seat on the flight. Here are some of the most recent, convenient and easy to use travel apps that will change the way you plan and book your excursions.

1) LoungeBuddy
With LoungeBuddy you get access to airport lounges wherever you wish all over the world. One can use LoungeBuddy to purchase access to the next available airport lounge in case of any layover or delay. The services are; with free and fast wifi, meals, beverages, workspaces, and provision for shower. Airport lounges are the perfect places to relax and enjoy your travel.


2) ExpertFlyer
ExpertFlyer is designed to give travelers an edge over the airlines. ExpertFlyer will provide you with different awards and the upgrades available for your flight, special codes to make use of, and tips on the best way to reliably get updated. With a calculation that continually search for awards and upgrade opportunities and better seats on your flight, this service is extraordinary for the regular travelers.


3) Priority Pass
This is the world’s biggest airport lounge membership access program, with access to more than 700 airport lounges all over the world. This app permits members to search for the closest participating lounges and make arrangement for the lounge visits on your trips.

4) Skiplagged
Skiplagged helps travelers to search for less expensive airfare by permitting them to book flights with multiple stops and afterward deplane before getting to their last destinations. This is a cheaper way of traveling than booking a direct flight.

There has been a lot of issues over this service with United Airlines and Orbitz both documenting lawsuits against the company for encouraging travelers to exploit the practice by using hidden city tickets. The site is still up and is supported by many in the travel community.


5) Hotel Tonight
Hotel Tonight service specializes in offering last-minute room deals that hotels want to unload at discounted rates for that evening. This service has advanced to the point that travelers can book for discount hotel rooms up to seven days in advance. It’s perfect for spontaneous travelers and those looking for opportunities to cash in on discounts when hotels have vacancies.

6) Hopper
Hopper lets you know when to fly and when to buy. With information sets containing billions of flight prices driving their search engine, Hopper’s information driven method to booking flights permits you to determine the accurate time to buy your tickets for a future trip.
Save $200 by flying on Thursday rather than Friday? The good part of Hopper is that it gives you a perfect prediction and recommendation of dates to book for cheaper trips.

7) Hipmunk
Hipmunk totals costs from top travel sites and compares them, helping you to effectively see where you’ll be able to get the best deals. Hipmunk in addition compares the fare of trains, charter flights, and lodging ranging from hotels to rentals through Airbnb and Homeaway.

8) Roomer
Roomer is a commercial center for undesirable hotel room reservations. You can book for rooms from individuals who might somehow be totally out of luck at a discounted rate, its a win-win. Roomer also works as a conventional discount hotel booking services, so they always have the best deals.