Upon your arrival at Helsinki’s Vantaa airport, there are several transport options to take you to downtown. During daytime, there are two options you can consider:

The first alternative which is the HSL bus 615 is simple and affordable. The excursion to the central railway station will cost you only 4.50€ and will take approximately 40 minutes.

The bus schedules are as follows:
• Weekdays between the hours of 06:30 and 00:30, the bus departs every 10 to 20 minutes.
• Saturday between the hours of 07:00 and 1:00
• Sunday between the hours of 06:05 and 00:30
• The first departure from the city to the airport is by 05:15 while the last departure is by 01:20.
• At the airport it takes off from T1 (platform 2) and stops at T2 (platform 21).
• At the city centre it takes off from platform 3 on Rautatientori, beside the central station.

The cost includes transfers to other HSL services such as buses, trams, metro, Suomenlinna ferry at an estimated time of 80 minutes. For more details, check 615 timetables or the Journey Planner.

The second alternative is the Finnair City Bus which is considered faster since it takes approximately 30 minutes and will cost you just 6.20€ from the airport to the central railway station.

The Finnair City Bus schedules are as follows:
• Every day between the hours 05:45 and 01:10, the bus departs every 20minutes.
• From city to airport it operates between the hours of 05:00 and 24:00.
• This bus departs from T2 (platform 10) and stops at T1 (platform 1).

Whenever HSL 615 is not operating that is late in the night and early in the morning, HSL bus 620 will be there for your service. It takes off every 30 minutes.
• Its first departure from the airport is by 05:00 and from the City by 04:30
• Its last departure from the airport is by 03:55 and from the City by 03:10
• On Fridays and Saturdays, its last departure in the evening is 03:40.

With this arrangement, the whole night is covered all through the week. Night fares between the hours of 02:00 and 04:30 are charged only 6€. The HSL bus 620 and HSL bus 615 departs from the same platform, and the estimated time for each trip is approximately 50 minutes.


Taxi is always a convenient option, obviously, it’s not cheaper because it will cost you around 35€ to 40€. There are two alternatives for taxi services; there are fixed rate and shared taxi. The airport taxi will cost you less, its charge is from 27€.

NOTE: Update for late 2012. Slight difference in 615 and 620 timetables may apply during summer. Always check the Journey Planner for updates.