Exploring, adventure and travel is a worthy pastime. Travel itself is a valuable experience as it exposes you to culture and allows you different perspective of the world. Travel however comes with stressors and nuisances. Here are some travel hacks to make your vacation, domestic or international, fun and all-smiles.

  1. Use incognito browser or enable private browsing when booking flights and hotels online. Travel sites have cookies that keep track of your visits and allow them to ramp up prices simply because you’ve visited before.
  2. Bring a power strip and make lots of friends at the airport. Instead if vying for a turn at the socket, offer a power strip and be hailed a hero, for the duration of your airport stay anyway.
  3. If you’re traveling in pair, reserve the aisle and window seats. If nobody takes the middle seat, you can get the full row for free. If someone does, you can ask to switch seats so you can still seat next to your partner.
  4. Save or bring your own water bottles/containers and refill it after the security check instead of buying another one. You don’t only save money but also help the environment.
  5. Buy travel size containers once and just refill for your next travels instead of buying a new one each time you do.
  6. Or you can just use straws to carry travel sized portions of fluid products. Just seal both ends and label for your convenience. Especially useful for shampoos, conditioners, lotions and sunblock.
  7. Save space in your bag by rolling your clothes tightly instead of folding and piling them.
  8. If you really needed crisp folded clothes, use tissue paper to reduce crinkling.
  9. To keep your collars up and crispy, use your belt to line the inside.
  10. Dryer sheets in your suitcase will also reduce the statics in your clothes and keep it smelling and looking fresh.
  11. Place underwear, socks and the like in the hollow of extra pair of shoes to save up space.
  12. Place or wrap your shoes inside showercaps to reduce the mess and keep your clothes tidy.
  13. Make a makeshift soap holder by sewing a washcloth together into a small wallet for your soap. This will prevent bubbles and water in your bag.
  14. Typing “OK Maps” in Google Maps will save the visible area for future access offline.
  15. Invest in pill containers; they can be used not just for pills but also for small pieces like jewelry and, hairclips and hair ties.
  16. Binder clips can be used to protect the heads of shaving razors or to prevent your headphones from tangling around in your bag.
  17. Your glasses case is a good place to store your chargers, cables and other accessories.
  18. If you forget your wall plug, most hotels offer guest rooms with flat screen TVs. You can charge your phone via USB slot in the TV.
  19. You can get lucky and find Wi-Fi passwords when you check in the comments section on FourSquare.
  20. If you’re finished with your trip and still have some local currency, you can donate your loose change to the homeless.

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