Tokyo is one of the must visit places in Japan. What makes it better is that it’s a very kid-friendly place, containing lots of attractions and venues that can keep your young ones, and you, entertained for hours.

National Museum of Nature and Science
This is arguably Tokyo’s best science museum. This place certainly says there’s fun in learning. You’ll get excited at all on-hand activities you can do at every floor, bonus is that they offer them in kid-friendly exhibits so children can have tons of fun too. Closed on Mondays, If Monday is a national holiday, museum is open on Monday and closed on Tuesday.

Miraikan (Museum of Emerging Science and Innovations)
The best part of this place is the English explanations which make it easy for most foreigners to understand. Asimo, the walking robot also puts on a few shows and demonstrations every day. The exhibit targets a whole range of ages so your pre-teen would surely love to see this. The museum is closed most Tuesdays.

Legoland Discovery Center
This place is for block lovers, big or small. Imagine a play area except it’s a building, and you get the Legoland Discovery Center. Other than being a giant play area and having lots of blocks, it also offers model builds of Tokyo and a ride where you can shoot targets. It also has a hall way where you try to pass through without getting hit by lasers.

disney tokyo

Railway museum
Young kids and adults, who love trains, engines and train tracks, will feel at home in this place. The place is a bit hard to get to, in the Tokyo suburb of Saitama, but well worth it. You can learn more about trains in detail particularly Locomotives, electric railcars, diesel railcars, passenger carriages, imperial carriages, and freight vehicles. Kids will also like the train cab simulators and the mini train. To get there, you can take an hour train ride from JR from Ueno to Omiya station, then shuttle to Tetsudo-Hakubutsukan station.

Ghibli Museum
It is mandatory to reserve bookings and pay your entrance up to three months in advance but that’s just because lots of other people want to see the museum too. This wonderful and whimsical museum from animator Miyazaki Hayao is great for both kids and adults. The museum features Ponyo and Spirited Away to name a few exhibits.

This place also requires booking at least a month in advance. Same as the Ghibli Museum, the place is highly sought after because of its awesome displays and activities offered. The place is recommended for children aged 4-12. The kids can play-act careers complete with uniforms, accessories and real-world equipment. There are about 40 careers to choose from and the place is upgrading and updating. Everything is kid-friendly and kid-sized, which is about 2/3 of original size. English-speaking events are held in Wednesdays.

Ueno Zoo
If you are an animal lover or an aspiring animal explorer, the Ueno zoo is the place for you. The zoo is clean and safe with wide spaces and relaxing areas featuring a surprisingly wide array of animals. Highlights of the zoo are elephants, pandas and tigers. The zoo is a 10-minute walk from Ueno Subway and JR Station and is closed most Mondays.

Tokyo Sea Life Park
If you want more of the water, you can visit Tokyo Sea Life Park which has almost complete facilities for your aquarium experience. The aquarium offers touch pools where you can touch real small sharks and rays and offers best tanks containing loads of different fishes, underwater plants and even penguins. The place is just a 15-minute train ride from Central Tokyo.

Disneysea is a sister park of the Tokyo Disneyland that is geared more for the older children and adults. The place offers more thrilling rides and booths. Disneysea is unique only to Tokyo and is open 7 days a week all year round.

Disneyland Japan
No trip to Tokyo is complete without visiting Disneyland. This is more for younger children with emphasis on cartoon and movie characters, specifically Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse and the gang. You can also find some princesses and princes walking around.