Suppose you are arriving in New York City by bus — Megabus in particular — and wish to directly go to John F Kennedy Airport, what to do?

New York City’s extensive transport system enables you to reach that point A to point B in many ways. However, considering costs and possible time constraints due to traffic, it is easy to eliminate taxi and vans when your scheduled flight is in a few hours.

And if you start your journey to the airport just as you arrived in the city at NYC’s Megabus stop — 7th Avenue & West 27th Street — here is a simple way to do it.


1. Walk five blocks uptown via 7th Avenue until you reach Penn Station and get in the subway station.

2. Take the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Jamaica station. You can buy tickets at the vending machine inside the station. If you travel during Saturday or Sunday, you can avail of the City Ticket for a one-way fare of $4.25 from Penn Station to Jamaica. Otherwise, you can buy Peak Fares (6-10 am and 4-8 pm) for $10 and a $7.25 Off-Peak ticket to the same destination.


Note: by taking the LIRR transit, your MetroCard cannot be used.

3. Take the LIRR train towards Jamaica station in one of the platforms. Be sure to have your ticket handy as an inspector will check it. The travel between Penn Station and Jamaica is between 21 and 24 minutes.


4. Get off the train at Jamaica station. From there, you can buy a $5 ticket to get inside the AirTrain, which connects to all JFK terminals. Inside the AirTrain, train is a directory of airlines and designated terminals.


You should now be able to determine which JFK terminal to get off based on airline assignments.