One of the primary concerns while traveling to a foreign country is accommodation costs. There is no option but to choose a place to spend the night. But making use of just a few tips and tricks can go a long way in helping you save money.

Agoda among many others is the topmost used and preferred site for booking a hotel. If you are considering using it in the future to save money then following the five tips below will only help strengthen your chances.

  1. Actually prefer using Agoda over others

Agoda is a business and like any business that deals in big numbers will buy the room at a wholesale bulk discounted prices. The hotel (or guesthouses) stance will be if Agoda wants to cut into their profit margin then they can.

So there is a very high chance of you booking a room in a hotel at cheaper prices through Agoda than what you will have to pay on direct booking.

  1. Advance booking never gets out of trend 

Anyone who is ahead of time in planning and executing the travel plans is already saving a lot of money. Early bird discounts through Agoda can at times be as high as 70% from the listed price and 20% to say the least if you book 3 months in advance.

  1. Travel during low periods

If you avoid visiting places at the times they celebrate their special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s and other public holidays you will again be saving a lot of money. The guesthouse and hotel bookings multiply unbelievably and the prices for the ones that are remaining touch the sky.

Even events like football and Formula 1 racing also cause the booking prices per night increase by 50 %.

  1. Use rewards system

If you become a regular user of Agoda it’s only reasonable to collect all the points and use them for benefit later. From discounts to even a free night off your next trip, rewards systems can be truly rewarding.

  1. Paying via rewards credit card

Having a rewards credit card such as the Virgin Velocity Amex Card can get you 1 point per $ you spend. You can trade these points to get the following:

  • Hotel Room discounts
  • Free hotel rooms
  • Free return flights
  • Pay only taxes for a flight

Moreover, Agoda will not charge you extra for American Express or credit card payments.