When airlines need to reschedule flights — aircraft replacement, extended maintenance check, and other reasons — flight times are adjusted, and passengers must bear the inconveniences. If delays are within a few hours, airlines offer passengers meal vouchers and hotel accommodations for longer waiting times. For CEB, there are Cebu Pacific travel vouchers.

Airlines also make other offers to compensate passengers who might miss their onward flights or other appointments.

For example, Cebu Pacific offers travel vouchers, known as CEB Super Pass, to its passengers. It can be a one-way free ticket or a pair of free flights. It is usually provided by check-in desk staff who have to face disappointed and angry passengers and reveal the bad news about flight delays.

Cebu Pacific vouchers can pay flights or other travel-related expenses such as baggage allowances, seat selection fees, or even travel insurance.

To use a CEB Super Pass voucher, you must first have one. These vouchers can be obtained through various promotions, as compensation for canceled or rescheduled flights, or as a gift from someone else.

Once you have a voucher, you can visit the Cebu Pacific website to book your flights or manage your booking. You will be prompted to enter the voucher code in the designated field during payment. Once you have applied the voucher code, the discount will be reflected in your total balance due.

It is important to note that CEB Super Pass vouchers usually have an expiration date and may also have certain restrictions or limitations, such as blackout dates or specific routes they can use. In this case, Cebu Pacific has indicated its validity was until October 13, 2022, as of the latest check on its website.

Cebu Pacific’s flight voucher looks like this.

Note that redemption is exclusive online only. This means you have to access Cebu Pacific’s website to claim your free flights. For those who receive such compensation and unsure how to redeem it online, here’s how to do it.

Go to Cebu Pacific “Manage Booking” page

Access the “Manage Booking” section. Enter the six alphanumeric Booking Reference Number along with the registered passenger’s surname.

Retrieve link to travel voucher

Upon successful retrieval of the passenger record, you’ll find a link to access the travel voucher (in blue text).

Follow “Continue” to proceed flight redemption

This link leads you to the flight booking page, which allows you to redeem your free flight(s). Just click on “Continue” to proceed.

The next steps should be similar to a typical flight booking process.

UPDATE: It seems that people are having problems redeeming their vouchers using the above method.

Perhaps there’s a technical glitch or an upgrade to the system? You may reach out to Cebu Pacific hotline at +63 2 702-0888 for clarification and how to move forward with the travel voucher redemption.

How do you obtain Cebu Pacific vouchers?

Cebu Pacific vouchers can be obtained through various channels such as promotions, compensation for canceled or rescheduled flights, or as a gift from someone else.


Cebu Pacific often runs promotions where customers can receive vouchers as a reward for completing certain actions, such as booking a flight during a specified period, signing up for their newsletter, or participating in contests or surveys.

Compensation for canceled or rescheduled flights

If your flight on Cebu Pacific is canceled or rescheduled, you may be eligible for a voucher as compensation. The voucher amount will depend on the circumstances of the cancellation or rescheduling and the airline’s policies.

Gift from someone else

Cebu Pacific also offers gift vouchers that can be purchased and given to someone else. These vouchers can be used to pay for flights or other travel-related expenses. However, this option has ended on October 13, 2022.

Enjoy your flight!