Going on a vacation is like a treat for many people and though spending money on experiences that are worth it adds value to your tour you should definitely refrain yourself from spending those extra bucks on things that don’t even require a second thought.

Here is the list of 7 worst travel ideas that you must steer clear of.

  1. Room service breakfast: – When a person orders any item from room service menu the prices of those items is way more than that of the hotel restaurant as the delivery charge is included. So having breakfast at hotel restaurant is a cheaper alternative. If that hotel restaurant doesn’t provide breakfast then find some place nearby that does. Totally worth it!
  2. Going to locations which are popular in peak season: – If you are going on a trip with your family to popular locations like Disneyland, Hawaii etc. during the summer vacations then be ready to pay more.
  3. Paying for Wi-Fi: – Do away with your addiction of the internet at least for as long as you are traveling. Just keep it limited to access the maps and information about where you want to go. So if you’re not getting a Wi-Fi connection in your room try going to the lobby instead of asking for a connection and being charged for that.
  4. Guided tours: – Guided tours are always expensive than tours that you plan yourself. So, just find a taxi owned by a local driver and take it to any place you want.
  5. The Credit Card Points Math: – If you are staying in a hotel that gives you reward points for the stay then utilize them to enjoy a few more nights of free service and make the most of your vacation.
  6. Perks that cancel each other out: – You must be excited thinking of all the perks that you have collected. Behold! Dive into the details and confirm that they don’t cancel each other out. For example using Hotels.com coupons prevents users from collecting its Welcome Rewards. And using one of its coupons that’s worth less than 9% is actually worth less than using the reward points.
  7. Saving money while on the go: – Though everyone sets aside a little extra in the budget section for you may not know when you need it. But it is always better to be smart while making choices during the trip. Stay in hotels that are on the outskirts as they are much cheaper. Take a bus or a ferry rather than a flight or a train to travel depending upon what suits your pocket more.