There are a few ways to connect to the Internet while you are at London Heathrow Airport.

1. 4 hours free:
Enable wifi on your smartphone and select _Heathrow Wi-Fi.

2. Faster wifi with Heathrow Rewards
Premiu-tier members of Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme can enjoy up to five times faster Wi-Fi. To join, sign up at

3. Pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi
If you want to extend your Wi-Fi service, one of our pay-as-you-go packages should suit your needs. It starts at 4 hours for £4.

4. Paid Internet terminals
Located at each terminal at Heathrow with broadband access at computer desks provided by Arqiva. Accepts pre-paid vouchers, coins UK or Euros), or credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions on London Heathrow Airport Internet Services

What equipment do I need to access the Wi-Fi network?
Any Wi-Fi enabled device such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

How do I access the Wi-Fi network?
1 Switch on your device and launch Wi-Fi
2 Choose the network _Heathrow Wi-Fi
3 Open an internet browser
4 Choose your preferred login option
5 Complete the registration details and agree to the terms and conditions (where applicable)
6 Once connected, enjoy Wi-Fi for the duration of your stay at Heathrow

Do I have to register?

Can I get up-to-date information about Heathrow services through the Wi-Fi network?
Yes. To find the latest information, visit or follow us on Twitter @HeathrowAirport.

Can I roam on the Heathrow Wi-Fi network?
Yes. Roaming is available for Skype, Boingo and iPass users. If you are having any issues, please contact your roaming provider.

Can I use my device to make phone calls?
Yes. Services such as Skype or voice messenger will allow you to make phone call. Please note, charges may apply, please check with the service provider.

Can I send and receive large files?
There are no network limitations on what you can send, but there may be restrictions on individual email accounts. We recommend that you limit emails and attachments to 10MB.

Free minutes and payment
When do my free minutes start and end?
Your free access is available every calendar day. It starts the moment you are shown the ‘You’re connected’ page. Logging out of the service or loss of service during the daily refresh will allow re-login without restrictions.

I’m a Heathrow Rewards member, can I get faster Wi-Fi?
Yes. Premium tier members of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme will receive up to five times faster Wi-Fi.

Why would I want to pay?
If you’re not a premium tier Heathrow Rewards member, you may wish to upgrade to a faster service.

How much does paid-for Wi-Fi cost?
You can buy additional Wi-Fi time in blocks. In every case, the clock starts from acceptance of payment.
4 hours £4
1 day £8
6 months £70
1 year £130

How do I pay for additional Wi-Fi use?
You can pay using your credit card or PayPal. Join the network in the usual way and follow onscreen instructions. Payment is secure. If you’ve already paid for time on a network managed by our provider, Arqiva, you can use that account to log in at Heathrow.

Can I get a receipt for my payment?
If you pay for Wi-Fi use, we’ll send a VAT receipt automatically by email to the address you supplied. If you need help, call the support desk on 0330 660 1130 or email