When you are searching for some of the best whale watching locations in the world, the following suggestions give you outstanding choices.

Los Cabos, Mexico: Hundreds of majestic whales give birth in a protected bay just a few hours north. A tour will usually pick you up at your Los Cabos hotel and drive you four to five hours to the Bay of Pangas, where you will take a boat for another two hours to Magdalena Bay. You will likely be entertained by some of the curious whale calves who will often come up close to the boat where you can actually touch them.

hawaii-whale-watching-tourOahu, Hawaii: Between January and March,the Waianae Coast has humpback whales to watch. You can also rent snorkel gear and swim with spinner dolphins.

San Francisco, California: The Farallon Islands and the Pacific coast boast a variety of whales such as sperm, killer, blue, gray, and humpback during the migration seasons from June to November and December to May. Other marine life can also be viewed from your boat where the captain, crew and a naturalist identify the wildlife and answer questions.

Newport Beach, California: Usually lasting about 2.5 hours, this year-round adventure allows you to watch finback, humpback, giant blue, minke and gray whales off the coast of Orange County. You may also see seals, dolphins, and other marine life.

British Columbia, Canada: Pacific grey whales, Orcas (killer whales) and humpbacks are in their natural habitat here between May and October. Tours leave from major cities and can be taken on a historic sailboat, cruiser, or a high-speed Zodiac.

Victoria, Canada: Many of the tours to whale watch in the waters around Victoria conveniently leave from downtown. Orcas, grey and humpback whales can be seen in addition to porpoises, sea lions, harbour seals and bald eagles.

maine_whale_watchMaine: A mere 20 miles off the Maine coast you will find sperm, finback, humpback, Orca, pilot and other whales frolicking and feeding starting in mid-April and then in October heading south toward the warmer seas. Watch the whales come to the surface, spout water, and nurse the young. Sightings here are so likely that companies will often offer your money back or a free ticket for a future cruise if you don’t sight a whale.

Boston, Massachusetts: Stellwagen Bank is the most famous of the East Coast’s whale watching destinations. You may be lucky enough to spot an endangered Northern hemisphere humpback.