People flock to Wales especially during the summer since there are so many things to enjoy whether you’re traveling alone or with the entire family. There are outdoor adventures for thrill-seekers as well as lighter activities for those who simply wish to enjoy the scenic views. There are also several places to enjoy local delicacies and drinks. Here are some more things to do while visiting the place.
1. Outdoor fun
The Wales Coast Path is one of the most popular places that boasts 870 miles of coastal views. You can watch seals, birds and other aquatic animals frolic along the beach and in the ocean. You can also run or walk several kilometers while feeling the cool breeze and warm sun in the afternoon. Visit the nearby villages and try some of the locally made snacks and beer. There are cliffs that feature centuries-old castles, ancient towns and islands with cozy inns.

There are so many outdoor activities to do such as walking along the naturally formed gardens, woodlands and beaches. There are also trails for trekkers and mountain bikers. Other people like to swim in one of the nearby beaches or lounge in the sand with a cocktail. There are also other things to try like zip-lining, whitewater rafting, hiking and cliff-diving. Some shops offer gear and other items that will make these more enjoyable and safe.
2. Meet the locals
During the summer, you can find several pubs come to life, offering their homemade brews and delectable appetizers. Pub walking is one of the most popular activities in the place. Go through a few villages and look for ancient shops offering souvenirs and other useful items that you can bring back home. Spend some time talking to the locals or shop owners. Some of them might offer you a free glass of wine or cheese.
Some tourists like to talk Welsh cooking lessons from local chefs. There are a few restaurants in the place like The Walnut Tree that offers cooking lessons. You can learn some of the basic meals and appetizers. Lessons cost $100 to $150 per person per session. Other places offer Italian cooking lessons. You can either visit as a sous chef or a diner.
3. Arts and literature
If you’re fond of the arts, music or history, visit some of the oldest castles, churches and luxury inns and hotels in Wales. Many of these have very eccentric stories. You can learn more about the royals or people who lived in the place. You can also observe many pieces like paintings, sculptures and garden landscapes made by world-renowned artists. If you visit Souh Wales, you can listen to a local male choir while sipping a cold beer.
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