Yangon Airport. Photo credit: myanmar2day.com

Myanmar or Burma is one of the best places to visit when backpacking in Asia. You can look forward to quite an experience made colorful by low cost accommodations, tasty delicacies, beautiful sites and rich history. Traveling has never been so easy and cheap, especially with such an exotic destination where only a few have been. Here are some reasons to visit now.

1. Less crowded.

Myanmar has very few tourists because it currently does not focus on tourism. When you arrive, you will feel as if you’re the very first foreigner who discover such a mystical and wonderful place. You might come across a few other backpackers at the inn. Flights to Burma are infrequent and you can enter the country from Bangkok at only $50.

2. Great sites.

There are so many temples in Myanmar, each with its own unique story and architectural features. The Shwe Dagon Pagoda, which is 2,500 years old, is a must-visit site. It is actually the biggest and oldest golden monument in the world. The temples of Bagan are also great sites to witness. Take photos of the Sunset Pagoda or Shwesandaw Paya.

3. Rich history.

You will know more about the kings and queens of Myanmar and their interactions with other great people who visited centuries ago. The country puts a lot of value in gold, which is why they decorate their palaces, temples and crafts with the rich element whenever they can. Learn more about the historical background of the place by visiting palaces and seeing thrones.

Yangon Airport. Photo credit: myanmar2day.com
Yangon Airport. Photo credit: myanmar2day.com

4. Special man-made creations.

If you visit Myanmar now, you can also see the biggest book in the world. It is actually a complete Buddhist bible placed on white marble stones. The tablets measure 3 x 4 feet and is located in Mandalay. You can also see the biggest ringing bell in the world, called the Minguin Bell, it weighs over 90 tons and is still functional.

5. Very safe.

Myanmar’s crime rate is very low, so tourists won’t have any problem going around even at night. The security system in the country is also very active and efficient regardless of your location. You can rely on them whenever you get lost or need help.

6. Natural wonders.

Visit the beautiful forests, lakes and islands of Myanmar. You can also spend the day visiting Khakaborazi Peak which is covered with snow at the top and spans almost 20,000 feet high.

7. Cheap food and souvenirs.

Going to Myanmar today will not hurt your budget because the native delicacies are very tasty and cheap. You can also purchase a lot of souvenir and gift items at very affordable rates. Going through the town will present to you a wide array of delicious food products as well as intricate handmade creations.