Taking a bus ride is just one of the means of transportation in going to and leaving Baguio City, one of the Philippines’ top tourist destinations. And undeniably, there are lots of choices of transport or bus companies that you can consider but one that stands out is Victory Liner fleet of buses that ply various routes in Luzon island.

Victory Liner is considerably one of the largest bus companies operating in the Philippines in a provincial level. Today, the company has approximately 900 buses effectively and satisfactorily operating on a daily basis. So, why Victoria Liner?

victory_linerHere are five of the many reasons why you should ride victory liner to and from Baguio City:

1. Comfort – the De Luxe buses of Victory Liner have seats that are large enough to satisfy passenger’s comfort and have a room for legs and elbows that will give any person convenience at its finest. During a long trip, the passenger can stand up anytime and do some stretching, and when at own seat, the passenger can be in his best and most comfortable position.

2. Punctuality – all transport companies have certain schedule to follow. They have specific timing as to when a certain bus will leave a place and arrive at its destination. And the Victory Liner is just one of the rare few who follow their time table. Punctuality is one of the characteristics that best describe Victory Liner services.

3. WiFi Zone – as incredible as it sounds, the Victory Liner De Luxe buses do offer free WiFi. If you stay connected through social media, no trip will ever feel long, and one may more wish his trip would be longer with Victory Liner’s free WiFi.

4. Free drinks and snacks – aside from the free WiFi service, certain routes of Victory Liner fleet also offer free bottled water and snacks to their passengers. They generally offer cold bottled water and biscuits for some snacks. Well, it is better to have them than nothing at all.

5. Comfort Rooms are available – At the end of Victory Liner buses on selected routes, there are comfort rooms and toilets that address the needs of passengers to find relief of their bladders. Anyone who finds road trips as sickening will not need to worry if ever they are in a Victory Liner bus. The comfort rooms are built to add on to the overall comfort a Victory Liner bus can give.

These are just some of the reasons why Victory Liner is a good choice when going to and leaving Baguio City. Another most important thing to know is that Victory Liner is one of the most reliable and safest bus companies that Philippines have.