Choosing between a Universal Studios theme park and a place like Walt Disney World is really an impossible task. The Universal parks are amazing places and every family should spend a fun day there, but Disney parks should be visited first. 

No one handles crowds and provides consistently great days at the park like the entire Disney organization. Every aspect of your time at any Walt Disney park has been thought out and fine-tuned for you.


It is as if the company can see into the future, and therefor know exactly what your every desire, want and need would be during your visit. Disney parks have ways to help you avoid standing in lines and the Disney transportation team can zip you in no time from massive parking areas to the park or resort of your choice.

The Disney Company also has so many ways for your family to stay engaged and connected it is almost beyond belief. One example is concerning the well known Disney hidden Mickey theme that runs throughout almost everything that the Disney Company does. If your child loves character pins from Disney there are ways to trade for the coveted pins that have a hidden Mickey embedded in the enamel design. Once your child discovers the secret (spoiler alert – ask Disney employees in main street stores that are wearing character costumes to trade for special hidden Mickey pins), they will spend the rest of their visit engaged to find as many hidden Mickey pins as they can.

At Disney, each park has themed sections that are parks with in the park. In the case of Walt Disney World each of the parks is part of the greater, and still growing amazing city of Walt Disney World.


At a Walt Disney park the staff waits ready for whatever you need and whatever might happen. Our personal experience taught us this fact. One person in our family tripped. They were injured by children running to get in line. On return to the hotel, within the Walt Disney World resort, we were amazed how fast the staff noticed that someone was hurt. We were surprised to find out the staff had sent medical personnel to take care of our injured person. This service was something for which we were never charged.

We had reservations that night at a special park restaurant, which we felt we would miss, because of the injury. Without us asking, that restaurant’s menu was brought to our room. Although a great distance from our hotel room, we were allowed to order and have our special evening. Our food was even delivered by one of the Disney characters.

Such caring and preparation deserves to be shared with anyone wondering what park to visit. Certainly any Universal Studios park is worth visiting, but for our money Disney parks will always be our first choice.