Las Vegas is one place where you can expect just about anything to happen. For instance, just consider how the term VIP which we know as “Very Important Person” doesn’t really mean just that. All over the city, VIP passes can all be found, peddled in the streets by folks who promise exclusive access to clubs, parties and events not open to public.

But while we know what is the meaning of VIP, we may not fully understand it in this context.

Here are all the possible definitions of VIP that Las Vegas and its people follow.

  1. A variety of meanings

VIP can mean the following:

  • Free admission
  • Free line pass
  • Free drinks
  • Free bottles
  • Free table
  • All of the above

Since most of the nightclubs in Vegas are inside a hotel, VIP can also mean

  • Free hotel rooms
  • Free room upgrades
  • And a lot more

So anytime you come across someone offering you a VIP pass, please ask him/her to clarify what it includes.

  1. Not everyone gets a VIP pass

To get a VIP pass, you need to know a person inside the nightclub industry. Otherwise, your chances of getting one are quite slim.

  1. Beware of VIP Scams

It’s Las Vegas and like we told you, anything can happen. You never know if the strip promoter selling the VIP pass is authorized or if he is just conning you. Many times people who have bought such passes have ended up in the lines and paying for the tickets like everyone else without a pass. Don’t be lured in.

  1. Clubs occasionally sell VIP tickets

The VIP passes you get from these clubs will allow you to skip the line and get free admissions. But never assume and always clarify what is included in these VIP passes.

  1. The best way to get VIP is through bottle service

Dress appropriately for the club you go to and follow the other general rules and see how you are treated like a rock star. You’ll have your personal waitress and a place to sit. You can also contact VIP hosting company such as VIP Access Service to reserve a table for you.