The financial crisis of Greece has led to blossoming of an array of travel opportunities for ardent travelers. There are blockbuster travel deals just waiting to be taken by the ones vigilant enough to notice them.

Greece is specially known for its graceful hospitality along with some stunning beaches, amazing food and famous archaeological sites. For honeymooners, vacationers and business travelers alike, Greece’s problems have an added an unexpected kink that requires some additional thought and planning.

As more and more people are planning their trips to Greece there are no sell-offs on airfares but there are possibilities of getting last minute deals and whopping discounts on stay in hotels. With the economic crisis the Greeks are openly welcoming travelers from around the world.

Here are a few travel tips that you should keep in mind while travelling to Greece during crisis:

  • Insurance- Getting travel insurance is helps in redeeming your money in case your trip is interrupted. Travel insurance gets you a 50 percent return on non-refundable expenses. So before planning your trip to Greece you must get travel insurance of “cancel for any reason” that will cover your expenses under any circumstances that lead to cancellation.

AIG offers insurance that would cover a couple’s trip next month from New York to Greece. The price, which ranges from $362 to $756, includes coverage for a trip operator going defunct.

  • Manage your cash- A smart traveling trip requires you to manage your money efficiently. Intelligent cash management prevents cash flow crunch.
    • Carry enough Euros with you along with your credit card because there is a high possibility that you might see a withdrawal machine run out of hard physical cash.
    • Avoid banks in Greece because they have rationed money and reduced their working hours drastically.
    • Use Visa and MasterCard instead of American Express
    • Carry prepaid cards and use hotel safes to deposit the valuables you do not want to carry with you
  • Plan Ahead- If you are refraining from traveling to Greece in the midst of an economic crisis then you can plan a trip to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey or a cruise. It has similar cultural history including ruins and a festive beach life