There are ways you can make your holiday trips enjoyable through the use of credit cards. Credit cards are convenient and more secure compared to cash. However, there are certain tips about credit cards you need to understand before you leave for any holiday trip.

Notify your card company of your trip.
You should inform your card issuer whenever you are travelling abroad. This should be done a few days before the trip. Failure to inform your issuer may result into a hold on the account for suspicion of fraud.

Check out your credit card fees.
It is vital to understand how your fees will be assessed while abroad. Some credit cards will charge you foreign transaction fees for any purchases made abroad. For instance, a person travelling to a country that accepts U.S currency may be charged foreign transaction fees on all transactions overseas regardless of whether the purchase is made in U.S dollars. If you can find credit card with travel rewards and no foreign transaction you will be able to save a lot.

Find out if your card offers travel insurance.
Some credit cards offer different types of travel insurance and other benefits such as emergency medical services, 24/7 travel assistance, and ticket replacement. Understanding your credit card’s benefits in advance immensely reduce your travel expenses.

Have a backup credit card.
Always have an alternative. Not all cards are universally accepted and you might just find your good card being declined. You should however use the card with the best rewards with the others just for back up.

Travel-Credit-CardGet your credit cards ready (travel ready).
Ensure all the cards are ready for online access. Have the information of your accounts at fingertips. This will allow you to easily stay in touch with your issuer and monitor your expenditure. Save the credit card?s toll free numbers in your phone and/or in a secure location. This will be vital in case of emergency.

Watch out for duplicate charges.
Hotels and car rental companies have the tendency of billing twice. This occurs when you pay cash after making reservation using your credit card. To avoid this, always keep copies of your receipts to help you settle any dispute that might arise.

Use charge records to budget for the next trip.
Charge records can be vital when budgeting for your next trips. If you used your card for expenses like meals, museum and among others, it can be very useful when approximating your next budget.