Planning for a vacation is something people handle in various ways. The length of the trip, the travel dates, the accommodations desired, and your intended destination all play an essential role.
Some vacation destinations should be booked through an experienced travel agent. Other vacation destinations can easily be booked online.

Personal experience is difficult to replace when planning a great vacation trip. But are you confident that a travel agent has more experience, for a specific destination, than you have? Another consideration is the special requirements of your family, which only you know about. After all, the last thing you’d like to happen is to ruin your holiday and get the bulk of the blame.

Here are some guidelines to consider when making a decision. Do you use an online booking website, thus handling arrangements on your own, or call on an experienced travel agent to book your next vacation trip?

Reasons to Book Your Next Vacation on Your Own

You Are Only Booking Flights

If your only need is to book a flight, book it on your own. If your travel and accommodation requirements at your destination are preplanned and taken care of, you can handle flight bookings on your own.

You Have Frequent Flyer Miles To Utilize

Travel agents cannot process your frequent flyer miles. That means there is no decision to make about who does the booking. You must book your flight directly through the relevant airline website.

vacation-planningSpecial Online Package Offers

If you have found a bargain for your chosen destination, book the vacation on your own. Just be aware that online travel deals are usually structured around the least popular travel times and dates. If you can accept odd travel times and dates, a special online offer may be just the thing for you.

Reasons to Use a Travel Agent for Vacation Bookings

Group Travel is Easier When Booked Through a Travel Agent

Unless you have personal experience working as a travel agent, you would have no idea of the complexities of booking vacations for a group. For a certain size group, the agent may even have someone accompany the group, due to the many things can happen.

Your Destination is Not Yet Finalized

Travel agents can be very helpful, based on their previous booking and personal travel experience. An experienced travel agent can ask you a few easy questions and have several great destinations to recommend.

International Travel

If this is your first international trip, or a vacation to a new international destination, booking though a travel agent could be a very smart decision. International travel is full of new experiences and requirements (visa application, transit terminals, long haul flights and so on) that many vacation travelers have never experienced.

Review the information in this article and pick the situation that is most relevant to you, your family and your vacation plans.