Once in a while, tourists can get scammed, coerced or robbed of personal belongings by locals or even fellow visitors taking advantage of the former’s lack of local knowledge or simply straying out from common sense.

call_centerIn any way, approaching a tourist police to report these incidents aren’t meant only to recover lost valuables; they’re also aimed at reducing would-be victims. So we bring you helpful tips, hotlines and relevant information when making complaints as tourist or visitor.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Visitor Hotline: +852 2508 1234 (available from 9am to 6pm, daily) 
Transport Complaints Unit Hotline +852 2889 9999
Transport Department Customer Enquiries Hotline +852 2804 2600
Road Co-op Lost & Found 24 Hours Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxis Hotline +852 1872 920

Japan Helpline: 0570 000 911

Tourism Hotline:  28 333 000


Singapore Tourism Board: (65) 6736 6622
Singapore Tourism Board Quality Service Manager: 1800-736 6638 Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays), 9am to 6pm

South Korea

Tourist Complaint Hotline: 02-120, ext. 9
Tourist Complaint Email: tourcom@knto.or.kr (report name of service, name of establishment, taxi license plate number, etc)

Tourist Police:  1155 (open 24 hrs)
Tourism Authority of Thailand Call Center: 1672