If you think hotel accommodations is too cliche and believe backpacker’s cramped dwelling isn’t your cup of tea, a night at magnificent and historic castles may just be what you need to stir your travel excitement.

Castles have this unique royal appeal and touch of exclusivity and luxury. While these characteristics are hallmarks of an expensive accommodation, many castles have opened up to the general public, thereby making them financially appealing. Nevertheless, spending your holiday in a castle is a unique and memorable experience that past visitors have exclaimed it’s worth the money.

Depending on your intended destination, castle accommodations can be found in many parts of the world. Here are some of what we think are the cream of the crop castle hotels.

1. Roch Castle, Wales.
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This recently restored Norman Castle offers the best of both worlds: rich history and authentic appeal of this structure built in the 13th century, and modern luxury accorded to its guests after its restoration in 2012. Refurbished to five-star hotel standards, Roch Castle has gained rave reviews from its past guests in TripAdvisor.

Roch Castle, Roch
Wales SA62 6AQ
+44 789 633 0869

2. Schlosshotel, Austria
Home to high-ranking officials of World War II is a testament to the strategic location and luxury accommodation offered by Schlosshotel. Schlosshotel is located in Igls, just 5 kilometers from Innsbruck and also host to some of the Winter Olympic events. This venue is ideal for ski tourists but also great to visit during spring when flowers start blooming.

Viller Steig 2, 6080 Igls
+43 512 377217

3. Burg Wernberg, Germany

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Sitting high on a hill, Burg Wernberg offers great panoramic view of Bavarian countryside. The castle celebrates its 60th year since being converted into a hotel in 1953. Guests can enjoy the Gothic motif of hotel interiors and savor the contemporary appeal of prepared meals, whose ingredients are locally produced. Visitors can explore the picturesque Upper Palatinate hiking trails or play a few rounds at the exclusive Schwanhof golf course.

Schlossberg 10, 92533
+49 9604 9390

4. Parador de Alarcón, Spain
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Deeply rooted in its history, Parador de Alarcon has witnessed many sieges and revolts. Founded by Muslims and captured by King Alfonso VII in the 12th century, this fortress overlooks the fertile plain of Jucar river. Make no mistake about it. The castle hotel isn’t big — nor brags of 5-star label, but it exudes stylish appeal influenced by the rich culture of its creators.

Parador de Alarcón
Avda. Amigos de los Castillos, 3, 16213
Alarcon, Spain

5. Dalhousie Castle Hotel, Scotland
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Dalhousie Castle Hotel, located in Bonnyrigg, Edinburgh, is an ideal destination for honeymooners. This 13th century fortress is set within acres of wooded parkland on the picturesque banks of the river Esk. It is popular for its spa and beauty treatments. This castle has received a decent amount of accolades, including ‘AA Hotel Group of the Year 2009/2010’ and ‘Hotel Chain of the Year at the British Travel Awards’.

Dalhousie Castle Hotel
Edinburgh, EH19 3JB
+44 1875 820153