On average, 1 million cruise ship passengers visit the Bahamas each year especially the Nassau. Nassau is a very crowded place close to East Coast departure points and so it is no wonder that the island is always crowded especially during the winter high season with as many as seven ships boarding the port at a time. Nevertheless, the tourism industry makes sure that the tourists are well taken care of during their visits. Stressful? Don’t worry; there are still places that you can go where you can breathe without diminishing that Bahamas Magic.


Breakfast: The Cricket Club Restaurant and Pub
One of the best things about this restaurant/pub is the fact that it is only 10 minutes away from Nassau’s cruise port and serves traditional English breakfast that is basically eggs with baked beans, sausages and fried tomatoes. Of course, if you want to try what the locals’ favorite, they also serve tuna fish with grits or sheep tongue souse – a form of pickled meat.

Lunch: Tony’s Seafood
Tony’s Seafood is located at the Potter’s Cay where rows of seafood shacks are found and is the spot for fresh conchs. As soon as finding the place, you would find locals and, also frequent tourist lining up in front of their favorite stalls ordering for their quick lunch. Out of all the seafood restaurants in the area, Tony’s would have the award for best conch salad. It is served fresh by cracking the mollusk right in front of the customer upon arriving at the table and is served with chopped up tomatoes, onions, green peppers and your requested amount of spices. It is normally served spicy however, you can request for a milder blend to accommodate your taste buds.

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Dinner: Anchorage Market and Restaurant
This restaurant is located at the Arawak Cay Dish Fry area which is only a 20-minute walk from the port. If you come here with you loved ones you should go to the upper balcony that would give you two a romantic aura to catch the sunset while enjoying you grilled grouper or lobster.

Sight Seeing
There are many places that you can go in the Bahamas besides the beaches. If you came with your family you and your kids can enjoy the Educulture museum. It is dedicated to the Junkanoo parade that takes place every December 26. You can learn about the history of the event and you and your family could also try on many outfits and masks to take picture for. If you are planning to visit make sure that you call ahead for an appointment and you can enjoy the large shacks where floats.

For adventure-seekers you can go to Stuart Cove’s. Stuart Cove’s offers a two-tank dive that could take you to see reef sharks up close. It also offers snorkeling and underwater scooter tours. If you are really interested, call them and you can get picked up from the cruise port.