1. You’ll feel more secure than in many places elsewhere.
Japan ranks among the top ten safest countries in the world. Like many places elsewhere there are instances where an isolated incident gets blown out of proportion by the press because for that to happen in Japan, that’s news.

If you’re not convinced: crime rate in Japan has fallen over the past years.

2. You’ll be amazed at how clean it is.
Japan is a country obsessed with cleanliness. There are historical documents early European and Chinese travelers have written about them.
With history of epidemics, calamities and health issues, not to mention the nuclear fallout during the wartime and in 2011, the Japanese people have been aware about caring for their surroundings.

For example, smoking has become a dying habit as decline in smokers has been noted over the past years, relegating them to designated areas in many place, resulting in reduced roadside air pollution.

3. You’ll appreciate its rich cultural heritage.
Japan may be a modern society, but it continues to hold on strongly to its rich cultural history as evidenced by well-reserved temples and pagodas, kimono-wearing women and tea serving ceremonies.


4. You’ll enjoy the good food.
Japanese food is popular worldwide. Sushi, tempura, Kobe beef, udon, ramen, and tonkatsu prepared here are out of this world. Not only they are tasty, some ingredients used are fresh and often available in Japan only.

5. You’ll marvel at the natural landscapes.
Regardless of where you are in Japan, you’ll find great opportunities to find natural attractions beyond the busy citylife in Tokyo and other large cities.

For every Universal Studios, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Tower and other man-made structures, there’s Mount Fuji, numreous hot springs and Arashimaya bamboo forest.

6. You’ll be fascinated at technology it has adopted.
The ‘Made in Japan’ brand has been with us for more than a century as Japan continues to showcase the most fuel-effient cars, state of the art home appliances and precision electronics.

In Japan, you’ll see more of them plus an array of home-grown pride such as the high-speed bullet train (shinkansen), toilets that talk, clean and sing for you, cubic watermelons and other stuff you rarely find elsewhere.

7. You’ll find well-behaved people
The most valuable resource of Japan is obviously its people. No impressive feat describe above can be achieved without the same attitude the Japanese people have.

The language may be a barrier between them and visiting tourists, but it doesn’t stop the Japanese hosts from trying hard to please their guests.