If you are looking for some place to relax, have fun and just fall back a little then there is no better place than the Cayman Islands. They are an exquisite tropical Caribbean beauty with historic sightseeing, duty-free shopping, abundant outdoor activities, every water sport imaginable and a great nightlife. With so much to experience in one single place there no reason to not go to the Cayman Islands. Besides these there are several other compelling reasons that set Cayman Islands apart from all other travel destinations.


Tourism being the second largest industry in the country, Cayman Islands is the safest place to spend your vacations where the safety of tourists is given the highest priority.


All the beaches in the Cayman Islands are open to public and you can openly bask along the same stretch of beach as the guests at even the most high end properties as long as you don’t pass any trespass point.


US Dollars are accepted almost everywhere and though you have to spend a little more on food and other essentials you can easily do business here.


Bus is considered as the safest and simplest mode of transport. It doesn’t cost much too plus you don’t have to worry about parking. There are minivans that stop at designated bus stops from where you can board them. Using local transportation is always the best way to understand the local culture.

Taxis are also a great option as they are widely available. They are comparatively more expensive.

You can also rent a fuel efficient car to explore more while saving on the fuel cost as it’s expensive.


You can easily communicate with anyone here as English is the most common language that is spoken here.


The islands have a tropical weather. It is usually warm and sunny during March. Evenings are cool but you won’t need a sweater.



Seven Mile Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cayman Islands. With velvet like sand and sky blue bay watching the quintessential Caribbean sunset is like witnessing magic.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park: This Park has some of the most exquisite flora and fauna. In here you can find the Blue Iguana, Ghost Orchid and rare and endemic Cockspur trees, Bull Thatch Palms, West Indian whistling duck and Central American Agouti. It’s like watching nature’s rare masterpieces.

Stingray City: A wonderful opportunity to swim with the wild but happy stingrays at Stingray city you would love to have a chance to pet them in crystal clear water.


The Caymans offer arguably the best diving that is famous around the world. The Cayman have over 360 diving sites. It’s worth taking advantage of wall diving, reefs to snorkel and shallow coral dives.


The breathtakingly exceptional natural beauty of the Caymans, a majestic church, a meticulous luxury resort makes it number one spot for destination weddings and honeymooning.