There are places that you don’t know much, and one way to address the curiosity is to go there directly and find out for yourself.

However, there may be reasons why these places are not mentioned as much as the others; there’s simply not much to see or do here. And unfortunately, Brunei might be one of those places.

Brunei Darussalam is a tiny yet rich country in Southeast Asia’s island of Borneo which is also shared by Malaysia’s Sabah and Indonesia’s Kalimantan provinces. It is accessible by air and by bus from nearby cities.

1. There is nothing much to see.
Once you’re there, Royal Regalia Museum, Sultan Omar Ali Saijuddin Mosque and the Water Village are places not to miss. But beyond this, there is nothing much to see in a very small country. The good thing about Brunei is that the people are genuinely nice (it is reportedly one of the happiest countries in the world), the surrounding is clean.


2. There’s very limited public transport available.
Because car ownership is high, there are very few taxis available. There are available purple minibuses available but operate only until 8pm the latest.

3. Limited option for budget travelers.
Brunei is an economy driven mostly by its oil and gas revenues. Even though it has one of the cheapest petrol prices, commodities are relatively more expensive which leaves few options for budget travelers.

4. Virtually non-existent night life.
The city (Bandar Seri Begawan) typically shuts down early at night as transport system, shops and establishments call it a day. So with very few nightclubs, shopping centers and entertainment outlets there, it is very easy to get bored here.

5. Alcoholic drinks are not welcome.
Adhering to Islamic laws, alcoholic drinks are not served in public. There are ways to get around this, though, get to border towns in Malaysia, consume desirable amounts and go back in.

But as a tourist, would you like to go back in, knowing your appetite for attraction is somewhat tempered? Nothing against Brunei, a happy and well-organized country. But it may just not be an ideal place to go for adventurous tourists on the lookout for attractions and interesting things to do.