Malawi is one of the most scenic and memorable countries in Africa, featuring hundreds of beautiful natural wonders and rich wildlife that have been well-preserved throughout the centuries. 

Travelers who wish to experience Africa in the most unique manner should not miss Malawi. There are so many things to do and captivating backdrops to witness — and many are only available on this side of the planet.

1. Lake Malawi

The lake is the 9th largest in the world, spanning over 24,000 square kilometers wide. People can view over 500 unique animal species living in the lake. You can also enjoy activities, like diving, swimming and snorkeling. Despite its huge size, there are no tides and currents so you can expect a serene and peaceful experience.
2. Mvuu Lodge

The lodge is found close to the Shire River in Liwonde National Park. People can see various animals in the area, such as black rhinos, lions, hippopotamuses, elephants, impalas and sable antelopes among others. Some of the things to do include dining, drinking cocktails and bird watching.

3. Chelinda Lodge

The lodge is situated in Nyika National Park. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, as well as witness rare wild flowers. Other activities include mountain biking, horseback riding and trout fishing.

4. Kaya Mawa

Kaya Mawa is found on Likoma Island and features some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Some of the activities to enjoy in the area include lounging at the private beach, scuba diving and wake boarding.
5. Kazuni Safari Camp

The camp is located in the Vwaza Marsh. Guests get to stay in authentic reed huts and see several rare animal species during the guided walks and drives.

6. Cape Maclear

Families can also spend a lot of time under the sun at Cape Mclear. Visitors can sunbathe and picnic close to the waters.

7. Club Mak

Guests who love beaches will like Club Mak for its serene views. You can enjoy delectable local dishes and cocktails while lounging about and enjoying the peace.

8. Lengwe National Park

There are 9 national parks in Malawi, Africa. Lengwe is one of the must-visit places where visitors can find rare animals like the nyala antelope, kudu and blue monkey. If you wish to see some of the most unique wildlife on the plant, the hides and waterholes in the park are great spots.

9. Livingstonia

The place is located on top of the rift valley plateau where visitors can enjoy a picturesque backdrop. It is a great spot for people who like to spend some quiet time in the wilderness to reflect.

10. Nkhata Bay

There are several water sports to enjoy at the beach. You can also get authentic African souvenirs like carvings and other handmade crafts.

Chelinda Lodge