Sure, business travel can be fun — you can squeeze in sightseeing between meetings and charging drinks and room service to the company — but it can also cause stress for travelers, especially those who engage with clients coming from a different business culture.

A poll sought 4,500 business travelers from eight countries about their biggest worries on the road. Although a third of those surveyed (from USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, Italy) had positive feelings on business travel, most of concerns raised are related to the logistics of their travel, including losing luggage, travel documents or company owned devices.

“While business travel has so many positives, including the opportunity to experience new cultures, broaden horizons and the chance to meet colleagues face-to-face, the logistics of business travel can get in the way. Airport queues and delays, the accommodation at your destination lacking home comforts and lack of personal time can add a layer of unnecessary stress,” Ripsy Bandourian, Director of Product Development of said as it launches a special service called for Business to address the uncertainties business travelers face.

Missing a flight / train 32%
Language barriers 26%
Possibility that luggage will be lost 22%
Unfamiliar surroundings 21%
Getting around the city 18%
Losing important documents (e.g. passport, presentation) 18%
IT setup / whether devices will work 17%
Meetings being cancelled 16%
Presenting to / meeting with people for the first time 16%
Cultural norms / differences 13%
Losing a company-owned device (e.g. laptop, mobile phone) 12%