Another tourist destination in the Philippines is the Quezon Province, particularly Baler in Aurora. This municipality is jam-packed with tourist attractions, such as parks, bays, beaches, springs, and many more. Because of this, Baler is one of the many places perfect for sight-seeing and relaxation.

Beaches are among the attractions that fascinate and entice tourist, and Baler has among the finest beaches in the Philippines. There are various beaches that are located in Baler, and the most common are as follows:

1. Ampere Beach. This is located in Ampere, Dipaculao. To get to this location, a tourist can take a tricycle from Baler Town Proper to Sabang Beach. From Sabang Beach, they can hire a motorized banca to take them to Ampere Beach. The travel will be for approximately one hour. This beach is famous for its smooth rocks that are of various sizes and of darker colors. Furthermore, this beach also has an area they called the Ampere Point or Bunga point, because that area is where local residents flock to whenever they hear an explosion. According to the locals, the pacific waves hit the shorelines cave, which produces an explosion. The intensity of the said explosion then determines the intensity of the coming weather.


2. Borlongan Beach. Because it is located at Barangay Borlongan, Dipaculao, thus its name. A tourist can also reach this destination through the same route as that of Ampere Beach, only that they should instruct the banca to take them to Borlongan Beach. The travel would however take approximately 2 hours. It is also famous for its gray pebbles and the smooth fist-sized gray stones.

3. Cemento Beach & Reef. This attraction is located at Barangay Cemento, Baler. To get to this location, a tourist will need to ride a tricycle to the river outlet located south of the Sabang Beach. From that point, a motorized banca can take them to the reef or they can choose to walk. A motorized banca can take them there within 10 minutes, while walking may take about 40 minutes. This attraction boasts its white sands and sea shells, as well as its crushed coral carpets. Within October to February, the waves may go as high as 14 feet, making it a perfect destination for professional surfing. Aside from surfing, snorkeling and wall diving are also activities that can be done during the months of April to June. Finally, this place is also famous for marine species, such as lobsters and others.

4. Digisit Beach. This attraction is located at Barangay Zabali, Baler. A tourist can reach the said destination via a tricycle, who would take them to the river outlet, located at the southern part of Sabang beach. The trip would be approximately 35 minutes from the town proper to Digisit Beach. The beach covers about one kilometer in length, whose seashore is mostly sand and barricades of corals that form a protective reef preventing the strong waves of the Pacific Ocean from smashing onto the seashore. The area is perfect for diving, and snorkeling but only when the sea is calm.