August is full of festivals wherever you may be in the world. Some of these have become part of tradition and culture stemming back hundreds of years ago. There are a number of feasts that truly stand out because of their uniqueness and the variety of presentations and activities. Here are some of the top celebrations to witness in the month.
1. Buddha Tooth Festival in Sri Lanka
Also called “Esala Perahera”, it is held in Dalada Maligawa in Sri Lanka. King Megavanna celebrated what he believed to be a sacred relic, the alleged tooth of Buddha after he was cremated.
2. Seven Sisters Festival in Hong Kong 
The “Qi Xi” celebration is held in Hong Kong every year. It is popularly known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, wherein single men and women embark on various challenges and tasks until they find the one they’re most compatible with.
3. Lollapalooza in Chicago, USA 
One of the most popular music festivals in the world, Lollapalooza will be held at Chicago Grant Park, featuring several great artists and celebrities. Chow Town, its food market will also be reintroduced in 2013.
 The festival of balloons is set from August 8 to 11 in Bristol. People can expect to see over 150 balloons lift when the day starts and light up the sky well into the evening.
5. lollapaloozain Edinburgh, Scotland
It is the biggest arts festival in Scotland’s capital city. People can expect musical performances and art displays in various areas.
6. Pig Festival in  Trie-Sur-Braise, France
Called, “La Pourcailhade”, the celebration will commence at the Old Market in France. Vendors and restaurants offer a variety of pork delicacies and snacks. It is a great opportunity for locals to push the pig-farming business.
7. Tomato-Throwing Festival in Bunol, Spain
La Tomatina” is one of the biggest and most famous celebrations. Held at Plaza del Pueblo in Bunol, Spain, people throw overripe tomatoes at each other for a whole day.
8. Summer Sonic in Tokyo/Osaka, Japan
The top music festival in Japan is set at Tokyo and Osaka where a variety of famous artists and performers will be playing such as Metallica, Cyndi Lauper and Carly Rae Jepsen among others. 
edinburgh_international_festival9. Burning Man in Nevada, USA
The festival is held in a remote part of the Nevada desert. The temporary Black Rock City will feature the burning effigy as well as a variety of artwork, music performances and hallucinogenics. 
10. Hungry Ghost Festival in China
The “Chung Yuan” is held in China. During the 15th day of August, traditional Chinese believe that ghosts come back from the afterlife to finish unsettled issues. 
Visit any of these festivals in August to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.