Philippines is a country filled with many beautiful beaches however, most of us are only familiar with famous tourist spots like Boracay thus we are now going to explore deeper into the country’s not-so-pupolar-but-still-beautiful-as-Boracay beaches in Surigao.

Basul Islands
Beaches are mostly characterized by miles and miles of white sand. Basul Islands is one of them with one other unique feature. Basul has two sides; one is the pure white sand that is popular for the tourist and another equally popular rugged and rocky shore of the island. You can reach this island via Manila by a motorized pump boat and you would reach Basul Island in 30 minutes.

mabua surigao

Sagisi Beach
Sagisi Beach is the epitome of paradise that fits the budget of your family. Like many beaches, it has been commercialized in order to give livelihood for the people living in the island however, unlike some beaches, a tour around the island would only cost you PHP 10,000 for 12 people. The rate goes down the more people you have on your group. One of the services that the beach offers are snorkeling and scuba diving where you can see the teeming coral reefs of its seas. Sagisi beach could be reached by an hour via boat from the city proper.

Sibale Beach
Sibale beach of Barangay Zaragoza is two kilometers of pearly white sand filled with coconut trees and other lush vegetation. It is blessed with vast clear oceans which is ideal for swimming. It is bear the city proper and could be accessed via paddleboat or you can ride a motorized boat from Barangay Zaragoza. If you want to experience paradise but is still want access to electricity then this beach is ideal for people who want to relax while not going far away from civilization.

Mabua Pebble Beach
Just thirty minutes west of Surigao City is Mabua Pebble Beach. Unlike many beaches, Mabua Pebble Beach, as what its name indicates is a pebble beach, which means that instead of pearly white sand scattered on the beach, Mabua is filled with pebbles instead of sand. It’s also lined up with cottages where tourists can stay comfortably during their stay in the resort. The beach offers many activities to their customers like swimming, windsurfing and jet skiing. The resort also offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the country and we would like to advice to actually witness the sunset.

Siargao Island
Siargao island is located on the east side of Surigao. The whole island is a paradise with a coastline sprinkled with reefs, and portions of pearly white sand beaches. Besides the main island of Siargao, you should also try to visit its neighboring islands and islets with the same landform. Also Siargao is famous as the ‘Surfing Capital’ of the Philippines, thus if you want to ‘catch some waves’ then this is one of the places that you definitely want to visit.