Miami is known for its sunshine, it involuntarily makes us happy just by existing. This makes hurricane season a bit of a downgrade, from sweet sunny skies to grey rolling clouds. 305 offers more indoor activities than you’d expect other than hitting the beach, the pool, or the boats.

10. Have a pamper-day
Get a break from the deluge and treat yourself to a spa day. Get a facial, massage, body and face scrub, manicure, pedicure or even the entire line-up of relaxing and destressing good stuff. Spa at Shore Club and Spa at Mandarin Oriental offers killer deals and promos.

9. Play with balls and pins
Wear rented and dapper shoes and get into a friendly and fierce competition with your group of friends. Drink some alcohol, eat some pizza and just bowl your night out. Splitsville offers this pastime, you’ll love it so much you won’t want to leave.

8. Fight Zombies.
Inspired by zombie movies, you can now fight them in real life. Wear SWAT-style gear and go apeshit on the undead at the Undercover Unit. They also offer weekend matinees on weekends.

7. Go batting
Hitler’s Hangout has indoor batting cages that are perfect stress relief. Knock a some balls to get rid of the aggression. The sound of bats hitting balls are an amazing cure-it-all for any transgressions you might feel against the world and all that live in it.

6. Go see a movie
When Netflix and stay at home and watch movies grow old, try to go to a swanky theater and sit through a summer movie bonanza. Paragon Grove allows you to make reservations from your home and have snacks delivered to your seats by their staff and serves wine and beer.

5. Go play extreme adventure
Florida is not much for climbing things other than palm trees but if you’re into a little more of a multi-dimensional obstacle, there’s always rock climbing. X-treme Rock Climbing offers an indoor rock mountain course that you can scale. Bring friends with you, they can help you by cheering your climb or laugh at your failed attempts.

4. Play Miami-themed Mini Golf.
Coral Gables Museum in Miami allows visitors to hit balls through a gator’s mouth, past some locally grown veggies, and through a lighthouse. This new course is constructed by local architects and all. They sell Coors Light on site, plus snacks for noshing and you don’t have to play sober.

3. Support your local library.
Literacy matters. Choose a book or two and plop down the nearest chair at your local library. Soak the sunshine and immerse yourself in a story. Absorb the words and travel through the world and universe of books.

2. Grab your afternoon tea and cakes
All good Brits take tea or so they say. There’s a reason why afternoon tea is a tradition that’s endured the ages. Coral Gables’ landmark Biltmore Hotel offers the genuine experience of getting dressed up in tea party dresses and hats to spend an afternoon eating mini pastries and tea cakes, sipping fresh brewed tea and getting in some quality time with the lobby’s gargoyles and finches.

1. Puddle Jump
You are going to get wet anyway, better get drenched in your own terms. Strap on those galoshes and engage in some epic puddle jumping. Splish and splash and enjoy those mud puddles in your way.