In the Philippines, Cebu Pacific is the most recognized and the busiest domestic airline mainly because it is a low-cost carrier. Whether for business or vacation trips, most flights are booked in Cebu Pacific. The following are some money-saving tips when booking Cebu Pacific Flights.

1. Make sure to follow and ‘like’ Cebu Pacific’s Facebook page. This is applicable only if you frequent this social media giant where the carrier often promotes its seat sales. It should be noted that there are no definitive schedule of Cebu Pacific’s seat sales, they can show off anytime and anywhere on the web. But, the more you are closely following their page or website, the higher chance you can avail the seat sales.

2. Subscribe to Cebu Pacific newsletter. This is highly recommended if you do not use Facebook, where you can access Cebu Pacific’s page. This enables subscribers to receive alerts on discount offers and make necessary flight search.

cebu_pacific3. Make sure you are already a registered member of the Cebu Pacific airline by signing in to their website. While this won’t give you discounted price, it will definitely saves more of your time in inputting passenger details as you could be competing with hundreds of other passengers for that discount seat — long names don’t help in the race. Remember that speed is essential when booking promo seats.

4. Book early and quickly. Once seeing a flight seat on sale, grab it right away. This is so true with “Piso Fares” since they are sellable in a flash. Do not wait for one hour or more since they might be taken by others. As the popular adage says: First Come, First Serve.

5. Book during midnights. In the majority of cases, promos are usually announced during midnight. This is the best time to make reservations since it is during this period where the server is not overloaded or congested with bookings by private passengers or commercial agents who share the same online facility.

6. Book one passenger at a time. Booking for larger group of people all at the same time (for example, 5 to 6 people) most likely will give you erroneous result or display like “SOLD OUT” even though in reality seats are still available. This may have something to do with how Cebu Pacific manages its own promo sales for public consumers. Try booking for up to 2 people and let a friend book a flight for your other friends.

7. Opt for Not-so-Popular Destinations. If you have plans voyaging all the places of the country, skip the most popular destinations since they tend to be more costly and the promo fares for these places are sold out too soon. Come with alternative list of the good places you want to go.


  • Promo fares of Cebu Pacific are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-refundable. So be aware and be careful with booking dates, name spellings, etc.
  • Make sure to input correct information. There is no room for errors in providing details in Cebu Pacific seat sales.
  • Cebu Pacific seat promos are usually offered one-way ticket only. Grab the one-way ticket sale and worry for the round flight later. One way ticket, after all, is already a good deal.
  • To take advantage of these low-fare offers, make sure you don’t pay extra on things like seat selectors or meals (if you have enough time to grab a bite before your departure).

If you’re lucky, you don’t even have to pay since Cebu Pacific also grants travel vouchers valid for about six months if your flight is rescheduled or “downgraded”. This allows you to book any domestic flight for free.