Booking air tickets has definitely become easy with plenty of options of online travel agency websites.

Passengers spend long hours into browsing almost every website with flexible dates and travel points as they are not sure which site offers the best flight fares. Moreover, these options are overwhelming and put travelers in quandary. Also, these websites bombard your computer screen with pop-ups of flight information and discount offers. So, let’s look at some tips on buying air tickets at cheaper rates than usual.

1. The flight fares vary constantly per week, day and even hour. So, it is very important for a person to know the perfect time to purchase air tickets. Once travel is confirmed, she/he has to immediately browse online for information on best air fare. After the initial research, check the websites frequently and keep track on the fares. This is similar to a stock market on a lighter note!

2. A passenger can save a lot by knowing when to buy flight tickets. So, buy at the right time. It is recommended that fares are low on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If it is weekend travel, consider travelling on Saturday to Monday or Tuesday. Rest of the days, the prices are fairly high.

3. Another important consideration for travellers around the globe is to check how full the flight is. It allows the tourists to decide on when is the peak time and avoid it. For example, Europe trip is at its full volume during summer and air tickets are priced high. Instead, one can plan same trip between February and March, during low season.

4. Passengers are advised to scramble the flights rather than taking same flight for round trip. The change in aircraft can do a magic spell on ticket prices and passengers can save considerable amount with mix and match.

5. Sign up for alerts from travel agency websites for promotions and offers on flight travel. The job is incomplete without taking necessary action during fare sale.


6. Check for extra fees on baggage and carry-on that some airlines take in as airfare. In such cases, paying in advance also save few bucks. Few carriers charge heavy if these charges are to be paid while boarding the flight.

7. Purchasing separate tickets does help rather than buying in bulk. During vacation, it’s a wrong belief that larger the group, lesser the price. Majority of the airlines limit the number of seats that are sold at lowest rates. So, it’s better to check in advance if all seats are available at desired price else, book in small groups.

Follow the above tips and tourists should considerably find cheaper air tickets than normal during travel.