Despite it’s well-loved reputation worldwide that part of it is even considered the national dish of Britain, Indian food has this perception for causing chaos in the bellies of first time travelers in its home soil, India. Use these tips to keep yourself eating healthy in India.

When you start telling people you’re heading for a short visit to India, it’s not surprising one would immediately issue the unsolicited advice: get a medicine kit with Imodium to stop diarrhea and rehydrating salts to replenish body minerals. But as we all know, diarrhea comes along with ill-prepared food or consumed in an unclean environment, regardless if it’s in India or elsewhere.


But for the sake of weary travelers to India for the first time, let’s confine the discussion into this topic. While you’d like to see the spectacular attractions of India, you want to make sure you make it there rather than curled up in your hotel room recuperating from that intestinal infection. To help ensure you’re taking photos rather than taking medicines, these guides should be helpful.

  1. Avoid drinking out of straws. Unless it comes from sealed wrapping.
  2. Don’t drink from bottles. You don’t know how its journey from the soda maker into your table.
  3. Wash your hands before you eat. It helps to bring hand sanitizer.
  4. Avoid eating food from the street stalls unless your tour guide, someone you trusted, recommends it.
  5. While we abide often on the ‘eat like the locals’ principle, common sense takes precedence here; locals are used to their food while we are not.
  6. Avoid food sold on Indian trains just like the way you do on street food. It’s hard to gamble on something massively produced and your stomach isn’t ready.
  7. If foreigners congregate a restaurant in India, it’s likely a good sign to come and eat, hygienically speaking. But not all the time.
  8. Avoid salads, fresh fruit and go for freshly made hot food especially on places you’re not sure how food is being prepared.
  9. Always drink from sealed bottled water. Not from glass.
  10. When eating spicy food, start off with having an Indian meal for dinner only. In that way, in case you have a bad stomach reaction, it’s easier to reach for the toilet than after lunch, while you’re in the middle of a train ride, or on the street unable to find toilet relief.

They say you are what you eat, and that says something about how you’ll feel in the next 24 hours in a foreign land. Whether it’s India or elsewhere, it’s best to be practice good hygiene when eating. In that way, you’d be guaranteed things will go ahead as planned in your travel itineraries.