To some people, a visit to Disneyland is only worth doing on the first and only visit, where excitement for rides and experience peaks. That means subsequent visits are more of a burden (costs, effort and dealing with mammoth crowds again) plus apparent lack of enthusiasm and predictability.

So how do we make sure we make the most of our visit to any Disneyland theme park?

1. Ticketing options

Skip the ticket line by getting admission tickets before you arrive. This time saving trick allows you to skip to the main gate and begin your adventure. Online bookings have special lanes for quick claim of admission tickets.

2. Early risers
Arriving early can help you get a jump start on your adventure. The crowds are usually lighter early in the day and the temperature is perfect on most days.  If you arrive later, you’ll could be spending a lot of time trailing long lines of favorite rides, wasting precious moments.

3. The Fast Pass
Disneyland’s fast pass gives visitors a way to better use their time in the park. Using your admission ticket, get a fast pass to one of the more popular rides early in the day.


4. Take the rides during parade
Many park goers like to take in the daily Disneyland parades and other events. This makes lines at some of the more popular attractions much shorter, especially at the top attractions. While the parade is worth watching, it may not be as important as your most favorite ride.


5. Always read the waiting time
Each ride has a wait time listed above the entrance for both the regular line and the fast pass line. These are pretty accurate and can help visitors plan what to do next.

6. Visit one land at a time
Many park goers waste time by not having a plan and jumping from place to place. Visit each area of the park and enjoy all the attractions in the area before moving to the next area. This saves you time switching between rides

7. What to ride first
If riding as many rides as possible is your goal, visit the less popular attractions in a particular part of the park before heading to the big rides. This is especially useful if you are utilizing the fast pass.

8. Eat smart
Dining at Disneyland can be expensive and time consuming. Try not to eat during the normal meal times. Instead, eat early or late and grab a quick snack during those peak times. Packing a lunch is also a great way to cut costs, if outside food is allowed inside the park.

9. Shopping tricks
If you want to wear the mouse ears all day, consider purchasing early on. If, however, you have no preference, the end of the day makes for a great time to shop as it saves you from carrying loads of merchandise during rides and increased risk of losing them.

10. Photo op?

If character sightings are a priority, plan in advance where and when you need to go. This can help as you structure your day for an ultimate Disney experience.

11. Catch the fireworks
While these can be seen from throughout the park, the best place to see the show is from in front of the castle. If crowds aren’t for you, amazing views are also possible from Tomorrowland.

12. Parades and other events
Guests start lining up early for these, so grab a seat quick! Anticipate where the parade will pass, prepare your cameras and ideal shooting angles.

13. Fantasmic and other special events
Seats for these special events go quickly. Plan carefully if this is a priority.


14. Know the park hours
Knowing when the park closes is key to making the most of your adventure. Don’t get caught unaware.

15. Relax and have fun
There is nothing like a Disneyland vacation. Remember to enjoy your time in the happiest place on Earth.