Thomas Land is a newly built theme park made for children and their parents to enjoy. It is located at Edaville and is the brand new section of the theme park. It has been 12 years in the making and is right at the backyard of Carver, MA and is the only one in the United States with the other one located in England and even this one is larger than the one there.

Upon arriving at the theme park, try on the 20-minute train ride. This way you could get an overview of the whole theme park and you could decide what rides you want to do next or which food stand you want to try out. Sit on the left side and if you are coming with a child under three make sure you sit near an open window. Also, the train itself is a treat with its almost true-to-life features of the Thomas train that children and children at heart will truly appreciate.

Thomas Land features a variety of rides that could accommodate from little children to adults. The ‘Troublesome Trucks’ is a runaway roller coaster that is the right mix of thrill for the children and their parents. If you are riding with a child, make sure that they are comfortable getting in before paying for a ticket because it goes fast and goes around.

thomas land

For some children and adults who want a more relaxed ride, Sodor Windmill is the perfect ride for you. You would have a great view of the whole theme park. It would take some time to load and unload however the ride does go around twice.

Harry the Helicopter is another great ride for you and your kids. They get to steer the plane themselves and pull on the lever to control the plane. As a parent, you don’t have to do nothing and your child can play with the almost real-life airplane.

For braver kids, Cranky’s Crane Drop is the perfect ride for them. The ride up is smooth that builds up the anticipation when you bounce down fast and hard.

Firefighting Flynn is a fun ride for kids also. The ride composes of a ‘basket’ where your kids would get in and try to put out flames using a water gun. Smaller kids would have a hard time playing with this ride considering the button is hard to push so make sure that you or an older sibling is with them in playing with the ride.

Knapfort Gift Co. gift shop is located at the beginning of the Thomas Land entrance that features everything that you and your kids would live. It is complete with a toy train track and other goodies for adults too.

If you are using your GPS, make sure that you take the 2nd left off Pine Street instead of the first.

Parking is free and accessible.