Great Places to o on a Rainy Day
You may consider Las Vegas as opposed to San Diego when somebody says betting, however you’ll discover a lot of Casinos within San Diego. This is especially a convenient way to spend a day when it’s raining outside.

Go Play Inside
In the event that you can’t play outside, look for where you can enjoy outdoor activities indoors. Miramar Speed Circuit takes go-kart dashing inside, however, doesn’t slow them off. Those little karts can go up to 40 miles every 60 minutes. San Diego Ice Arena located in Mira Mesa or Iceoplex situated around Escondido. Go skydiving inside at Perris Valley Skydiving and attempt to climb walls at SolidRock Gym or Vertical Hold.

The Old Standbys
The rainy experience in San Diego is more than cats and dogs. Despite the fact that it’s raining, all you may need is a cap or a Bumbershoot. Local people may appreciate rain in light of the fact that it’s a different experience than their regular weather. In general terms, the rainy season runs from November to March. Always check the San Diego weather guide.

1) A rainy day can not be said to be complete without a trip to the film house. For an expensive movie experience, find your way to Cinepolis in Del Mar. With their super comfortable leaning back seats, best services before and during the show.

2) Find your real self at the Coin-op Game Room arcade and bar in North Park. With 25 fantastic arcade games, and 2 pinball machines. 20 lager beer taps and a fantastic snack menu that makes this place an extraordinary spot to endure the storm.

3) Bowling Downtown – East Village Tavern + Bowl highlight bowling paths, incredible music to get your dish on top, pool tables, a fully stocked bar, and food from burgers to potato skins stuffed to the overflow and titan treats! With everything taken into account an extraordinary time on a rainy day!


4) Birch Aquarium – Explore the marvels of the ocean. There’s something interesting in Seahorses, Whales: sounds in the Sea and Elasmo Beach. Elasmo Beach is a very large tank loaded with Birch Aquarium’s unbelievable Leopard Sharks and different types of Elasmobrachs (sharks and rays). Go at an encouraging time to see Elasmo Beach in real life! Nourishing times: Tues, Thurs, Sat @ 10:30am

5) Theme Parks and Attractions! visit the Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, Legoland or any amusement park with long lines, there won’t be any in the downpour!!!