Europe is one of the most vibrant continents known for its rich culture, wonderful history and scenic beauty. It is famous for its museums, shops, restaurants, nightlife, recreation, architecture, food and so many more avenues that you would love to explore. If you have made up your mind about travelling to Europe then you need to plan your vacation to ensure that you have the best time of your life there.

When to Travel:

Summer in Europe:

  • It’s in summer that Europe welcomes the most travellers from all over the world which also makes it one of the most expensive times to fly to Europe.
  • There is a lot of crowd and you are greeted by sunny weather, long days and an ebullient nightlife.
  • Summer sets in from late May/first week of June and lasts till the end of August.
  • If you’re looking to visit Europe in the summer then it would be better if you planned your trip as early or late in the peak season as you can. This will ensure that you have a lot of fun with fewer crowds.
  • You need to plan your travel smartly to places that do not have promotional budgets. Places such as Greece’s Peloponnesian Peninsula are as wonderful as the highly popular Santorini and also are relatively deserted.
  • It is always a better option to travel by road than by rail as you experience the picturesque beauty of Europe and can halt and resume the journey at your will.
  • Places like Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland are best explored in the summer season.

Winter in Europe:

  • Winter is the cheapest time to fly to Europe. Winter in Europe starts in mid/late October and ends in mid/late March.
  • The weather keeps most of the travellers away but it also gives you the opportunity to experience some of the best skiing in the world with the cheapest rates.
  • With Christmas and New Year’s as the only exception there is smaller travelling crowd and you can enjoy wonderful beaches, ponder in Rome’s Forum and enjoy having Europe to yourself.
  • Remember to pack really well and be prepared for cold winds and drizzle at any time!

Spring / Autumn in Europe:

  • These two beautiful seasons offer a medley of advantages of seeing Europe in the peak season and the off season. They last from April to mid-June and September to October.
  • With nice weather, fewer crowd and considerable air fare spring and fall are wonderful times to travel.
  • If you’re confused between spring and fall then consider your destination. Mediterranean Europe is generally green in spring, but parched in fall. For hikers, the Alps are better in early fall, because many good hiking trails are still covered with snow through the late spring.

Europe is such a wonderful place to travel. As a part of your plan to travel, planning your next European destination based on budget, desired attractions and experiences, and right timing, and you’re set to go!