One of the best things about getting married in Thailand is that you don’t have to go anywhere else to spend your honeymoon.

You get the advantage of having a unique and memorable exotic wedding venue while enjoying a dream getaway just a few kilometers away. There are several places to visit in Thailand. Many tourist hot spots are also quite affordable and will provide you with a great experience.

The Best Places to Get Married in Thailand

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort Koh Samui is one of the ideal places to get married. The resort has a number of wedding packages which already includes a wedding photographer, the wedding party, wedding cake and other honeymoon spa freebies and gifts.

You can choose from a variety of packages depending on your budget and preference. You will also find other beautiful beach hotels in Phuket, Hua Hin and Samui. These destinations are quite affordable and feature several facilities for guests to enjoy.

high_dining_2There’s also Laem Tong Beach, which is a popular place among engaged couples. Bhu Nga Thani Resort in Railay features beautiful apartments for newlyweds. The staff are very friendly and helpful plus you get to enjoy breathtaking views that add to the romantic setup. You can choose to stay in a villa overlooking the ocean or rainforest.

There are also professional bands that can play during your wedding. The Sungkaya Band can play traditional Thai music, as well as English and Spanish songs. There are also several bars and captivating beaches in various parts of Thailand where you can enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.

There are also so many activities to enjoy as you tour around Thailand. You can see some exotic animals that are native to Southeast Asia and take an elephant ride. You can also watch night shows and try exotic dishes on the streets. The bars and restaurants are also very affordable and the city of Bangkok comes to life at night where you can shop for souvenirs and tour the various hotspots.

Tips for Tourists Getting Married in Thailand

When getting married in Thailand, you have to prepare your passport always. You need to prepare the necessary documents for getting married in a foreign place. The Affidavit of Freedom to Marry is required by Thai law.

The document has to be notarized by your Consulate or Embassy, which will prove and show that you are capacitated to marry and there are no legal impediments for getting married. You also need to visit the Consulate or Embassy in Bangkok to acquire the affidavit. Each of the couple will need one affidavit.

There are also documents required for divorcees and widows. A Decree Absolute is required for divorced individuals to qualify them for marriage, while widowers need a Death Certificate and the previous Marriage Certificate. These will be checked by the wedding official days before the big day.

Other requirements may include a prenuptial agreement. This is not recorded by Thailand’s registry. Also, proof of income should be necessarily declared. Discussing matters with a wedding organizer or planner will help prepare the necessary documents.