The capital city of Estonia is about 16 miles from Helsinki contrary to what visitors have deemed as being far away and secluded area. The proximity of the city to the gulf of Finland makes it a fast growing and fast paced economy that attracts tourism and trade in equal unimaginable measure.

With a growing population and diverse expertise within its expanse, the city acts as a reservoir and port for industrial produce. Different industries like timber and information technology are on a speedy rise and make the image of the city to change by quick steps and leaps.

Contrary to the classical 19th century look, the current city is a mixture of the recent Scandinavian development integrates with the classical look that the USSR existence gave it. However the place that glues visitors to this place is the old town that has medieval architecture that has been revamped and maintained to look the state of the gone centuries thus nothing much has been lost.

For cruisers, treading down the spiraling across towers that have lived for centuries on and passing through the old walls it’s like being in a fairy tale that opens a window to the medieval times and culture that make the place a unique heritage and cultural attraction masterpiece.

The locals of this place have too got accustomed to the visitors who now stream into their city year in and out. Some of the entrepreneurial ones are at the sidewalks and alleys, avenues and streets, offering artistic designs and antiques that are done by avid painters also emanating from the local setting.

There is also no worry for those willing to do a little shopping since a numerous shops and convenience stores are aligned close to the terminal offering antiques and souvenirs alike at customer friendly and cost effective prices.

The Old Town which is the major attractive point is in twine units; the upper that was for the royals and scholars and the lower one which was occupied by traders and iron smiths together with other artists. In it is the Toompea Castle which has been the throne of the government since the 1200s and is home to the parliament house erected in 1773.

Moreover the oldest church in the city, Toomkirik close to the palace square does also offer unique attraction for visitors. There is also the Kiek in de Kok which happens to be the most imposing and tallest of the towers in this town giving beautiful scenery to viewers standing at the top. Numerous other attraction sites are available around the same town.

Touring around town is easy since the cruise lines also operate automobiles from the dock to the peripheries of the town. Moreover there are also cabs in and around the docking area that accept both the euro and US currencies.

Convenient buses are everywhere and they pick and alight at almost every point of the town. In the Old town moving is by walking more so due to the size of the walks. An information center is also available at Kullassepa where tourists can make all enquiries they have.