Pagudpud is one of the most visited towns in the province of Ilocos Norte, and it is the northernmost part of the Luzon island in the Philippines.

Tourists seek out the peacefulness and how unwinding the place can be that is why it is highly visited despite its location. Recognized as the Haven of the North, some of the reasons why people visit Pagudpud is the fact that nature and resources are naturally preserved and the absence of big crowds.

pagudpudHere is a 3-day 2-night suggested itinerary when traveling to Pagudpud:

Getting There
There are no direct flights available to Pagudpud.

From Manila
You will have to take a flight bound to Laoag City (Philippine Airlines flies once a day, and flight time is just an hour, and fares start at P3,000 round trip on Economy Supersaver). From there, a mini-bus ride will take you directly to Pagudpud within one and a half to two hours ride.

Cheaper but longer alternative is by bus from Manila.

  • Viron Transit regular aircon (departures at 2:00am, 5:30am, 2:30pm and 10:30pm) – 8 hours travel time at P744 per passenger. Departures at Sampaloc bus terminal.
  • Partas regular aircon (departure at 10:30pm) – 13 hours travel time at P797 per passenger. Departures at Sampaloc bus terminal.
  • Farinas Transit has 17 daily departures within its fleet and fares from P600 to P850, depending on the class. Departures at Sampaloc bus terminal. Online booking is also available.

Bus terminals are located across different areas in Sampaloc. Please refer to the following map for details.

Booking of bus seats online can be made via the Pinoy Travel website. You must provide a local Philippine mobile number to receive booking confirmation.

From Clark
Served by international and domestic flights, travelers arriving at Clark International Airport will enjoy a shorter trip to Pagudpud than coming from Manila. Understandably passengers will have a piece of luggage or two going to Pagudpud, but if it’s not too bulky, you can take a public utility jeep from the airport exit to Clark main gate. From there, get a tricycle to Dau terminal for about P50 to P80. Taxi is also available from P200 to P300.

Dau bus terminal is an intermediate stop from Manila to Laoag, which becomes a disadvantage for a few reasons: a) buses may be full during this stop, especially on peak seasons, and b) arrival times may be unpredictable.

Calling these numbers may be helpful to determine arrival time:
Partas – +632 7257303, 7251740, 8514025
Maria de Leon – +632 7314907
Farinas Transit – +632 7438580

Arriving in Laoag
Once you arrive in Laoag, local jeepneys are serving the Laoag-Pagudpud route. It is also possible to take buses bound to Cagayan that pass through Pagudpud.


There are plenty of inns and hotels that you can choose from. You can research the place before booking them. These places are usually fully booked during peak seasons, so it is also a wise idea if you book a room before going to the site. Resort or inn prices typically start at P1,500. But there are other transient houses that you can check in too if you are on a tight budget. Some of the hotels or inns in Pagudpud, as well as their contact details, are listed below:

1. Apo Idon Beach Hotel – said to be the best choice for tourists.
Mobile: 0916 6830333 / 0939 5368966
Address: Burayoc Pt., Saud White Beach Cove 2919 Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

2. Pagudpud Rinnovati – another place that can give you high-quality accommodation, which is located at the juncture of Saud Beach Cove.
Mobile: 0929 5107050 / 0917 8913767 / 0915 8953238

3. Saud Beach Resort and Hotel
Barangay Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Mobile: 0917 5195495 / 0918 5533073
Tel. No: 63-77-7641005

There are still others that you can look in to. You can research on them, and the internet is a great source of information for any other accommodation when you travel to Pagudpud.

Things to Bring to Pagudpud

  • Cash – Pagudpud has no ATM. The nearest one is in Laoag, which is almost two hours away from the place.
  • Snacks and Water – You might as well bring some food with you just in case. Trips might take hours, and you might get hungry.
  • Medicines – bring with you some first aid kit such as pain relievers or paracetamol to aid some discomfort.

Other things to bring include extra clothing, sunblock, shades, selfie sticks, reliable cameras, and adequate battery pack, and a comfortable pair of slippers.

Sample 3-Day Pagudpud Itinerary

On the day you arrive, you may settle yourselves in the place where you stay. Ask the manager if they have tour packages or any tour offers that you might like. A walk around the beach resort or hotel can be ideal. You can also plan for the coming days.

Kabigan Falls: If you have spare time and energy to spend, enjoy the calming therapy of nature at Kabigan Falls, It features not only its waterfall but everything else nature offers, such as hummingbirds, the sound of gentle streams and take a dip at its calm waters.

Sunset at Saud Beach: If you have the right timing, you can catch as the sun sets on the horizon from a good vantage point at Saud Beach.

With plenty of rest, better wake up early and prepare yourself and essential provisions, your camera. There will be lots of beautiful places that you can go to Pagudpud. Here are some of the areas that you can visit in order:

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse: Located in the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, this structure offers good postcard-quality photos. You can climb the steps and walk around the viewing deck, imagining the old sailing ships on the waters, watching the light guide them through to safety. You don’t expect to spend longer than an hour, but once in a while, big crowds gather and take a bit of time to enjoy the sights and capture good shots fully.

Bangui Wind Farm: Further southwest from your first pit stop is the famous Bangui Wind Farm. It has 20 units of 70-meter high wind turbines, arranged on a single row stretching along a nine-kilometer shoreline off Bangui Bay, facing the West Philippine Sea. Apart from the sight of windmills that are worth the visit, there’s not much else to see or do in the area.

Patapat Viaduct: Another great relaxing attraction for an Instagram-worthy shot is the Patapat Viaduct, an elevated bridge 30 meters above sea level that overlooks the South China Sea. You don’t expect to stay here long, so once you have captured the best shot angles, you can pack your things and head to the next stop.

Aqua Grande: Just close to Patapat Viaduct Bridge, Aqua Grande provides nature infinity pool with fresh water cascading from the mountains. At just the P25 entrance fee, it’s a bargain for such an excellent way to cool down a hot summer day.

Blue Lagoon: Close to Saud beach, Blue Lagoon is best visited mid-morning or mid-afternoon, where water is not rough and too cold for children to enjoy.  Be sure to bring enough water or soda as the cost of buying them in the area can be prohibitively high.

Once you are done with your beach activities, prepare your things, pay outstanding bills, and check out from the Pagudpud hotel and head back towards Laoag.

Before you board the bus back to Manila or another destination of out town, explore Laoag if time permits. A city tour should include attractions such as St. William’s Cathedral, Provincial Capitol, Tobacco Monopoly Monument, and Museo Ilocos Norte. Further afield is La Paz Sand Dunes for an adrenaline rush and good upper body work-out.