Traveling is a thing of joy, especially when you travel to tour the beauty of a particular place you have always dreamt about. While you are ecstatic about your new destination, they are certain things you must be wary of. Is it starting to sound a little scary?

Be calm as we are here to help you with some tips to make your trip remains memorable. Here are nine important safety tips to observe when you are in South Africa.

Keep pepper spray handy

If you are spending a long period in a more dangerous place such as Johannesburg, consider buying a can of pepper spray or similar to keep with you as it might come in handy.

Avoid isolated areas

Even during the day, avoid isolated areas, roadsides, and quiet beaches. Don’t go out alone in the evenings on foot; always take a taxi, preferably with others you know.

How to keep your money

Keep a small stash of cash hidden away if visiting rural areas such as Kruger National Park. ATMs are found throughout the country and cards are widely accepted. Inform your bank of your travel plans before leaving home to avoid declined transactions.

Avoid drug use

The legal system does not distinguish between soft and hard drugs.

Marijuana is illegal but widely used. People often use marijuana openly, as you may discover in some backpacker hostels and bars. This is not recommended; there are heavy legal penalties for the use and possession of illegal drugs.

Ensure your valuables are safely locked up in your room

Don’t flash around valuables such as cameras, watches, and jewelry. Your valuables should be kept in your room. If your room does not have a safe or is not secure, inquire if there is a safe in the reception of the hotel you are staying in.

Moving with the locals

Avoid groups of young men; trust older, mixed-sex groups. Listen to local advice on unsafe areas and try not to look apprehensive or lost when on the streets of South Africa.

How to transit while in South Africa

When in South Africa, make it a general rule to avoid walking by yourself or driving at night. Always keep your car doors locked and windows wound up if you drive.

If you are traveling around towns and cities after dark, take a taxi or, if your destination is very close, drive or walk with others.

Emergency & important numbers

For emergencies some numbers will come in handy, here are some of them

South Africa’s country code is 27
Ambulance 10177
Emergencies (from mobiles) 112
Police 10111


You’re permitted to bring 2 liters of wine, 1 liter of spirits and other alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes and up to R5000 worth of goods into South Africa without paying duties, any additional item brought in will be at your cost.