“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

It has been said that of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport. Indeed, traveling is that one experience in life wherein we can form the best memories which in turn would turn into stories we can regale our family and friends with. And unlike any other experience, travel allows us to push past our boundaries and out of our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to invigorate ourselves and our souls. With this in mind, everyone should at least consider trying booking a solo trip for themselves. However, novice solo travelers might find the prospect of traveling in a foreign country intimidating. So, before embarking on a solo international travel excursion, dip your toes into something a bit more familiar and somewhere a bit closer to home, the Philippines. You may have lived here all your life, but have not exactly seen what the rest of the Philippines looks like apart from your city or province. Our country has a lot of gorgeous landscapes to offer and pristine beaches that would rival the waters of Maldives and Hawaii. Whether you are visiting various Pampanga tourist destinations, going on a gastronomic adventure or looking to swim with whale sharks, here are some of the things you should do while you are visiting the Philippine destinations listed below.

1.) Take beautiful photos for your Instagram feed at the Enchanted River

You may have heard the wonders of the Enchanted River in Palawan. However, there is another Enchanted river that is relatively unknown but is in by no means less magical than the one found in El Nido. Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur has its very own Enchanted River and the sight of the place itself is something to marvel at. No doubt, the place would make an excellent backdrop for photos especially since the waters are an attractive shade of blue and green. You would not be able to resist dipping your feet or taking pictures of this magical place.

2.) Experience the breathtaking views of Sagada

Ever since a local indie movie became a hit in the Philippines, locals and foreigners alike have been flocking to Sagada to render their own version of the movie’s famous line at the peak of the mountain. However, prior to its exposure in a famous movie, Sagada already had a subtle charm that would entice travelers to visit—regardless of whether they are broken hearted or not. The serenity you experience at this place is unlike any other, and you can truly appreciate being one with nature.

3.) Go on a trek in Batanes

Batanes is known to be the least populated province in the Philippines as well as the province with the lowest crime rate. So, if crowds and safety are some of your concerns, then Batanes should definitely make your list. The gorgeous landscapes, beautiful stone houses and the sea breeze would be enough to make any travel experience well worth it. In fact, being in Batanes is like stepping into another country altogether—the relaxing ambiance coupled with the scenic backdrops would be enough to make anyone grateful for the simple pleasures of life.

4.) Go cloud gazing atop Mount Apo in Davao

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Climbing atop Mount Apo in Davao is probably the closest you will ever get to heaven. Considered as the highest mountain in the Philippines, climbing Mount Apo gives you a glimpse of what heaven’s door might look like through its array of gorgeous clouds at any time of the day. If trekking is your thing and you are unafraid of challenges such as a mountain hike, Mount Apo should be one of your prime picks for a destination.

5.) Go on a pub crawl in Boracay

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While Boracay might be known for its beautiful beaches and powdery white sand. However, the little island transforms itself to a premier hotspot for clubbing by nightfall. One of the many ways to take full advantage of Boracay’s budding nightlife is to go on a pub crawl which is a bar hopping venture with several other individuals. It is a great way to meet other locals as well as foreigners and is a good way to spend the night other than drinking by yourself. If you are looking to make friends, go on a pub crawl when you are in Boracay, and you are sure to make friends in no time.

About the Author:
Lem Zambrano is a Filipino blogger who loves to experience the uniqueness of his home country. He is passionate about writing travel guides and currently doing so professionally for Alviera, one of Pampanga Tourist Attraction.