Going on a cruise may be one of the most romantic things that couples or newlyweds can experience. However, many actually realize that cruise travel is not what it’s all they dreamt to be. There are several things that may turn your trip into a traumatic experience if not avoided.

Get to know why it’s more cruise trouble than cruise travel.

It’s expensive.

A cruise is one of the most expensive vacation experiences because getting on a big ship developed for leisure is not common. Some couples realize afterwards that they compromised a lot of their savings and can no longer afford the more important things after the vacation.

You may feel sick.

People who easily get seasick might spend more time in the ship’s clinic than enjoying the sights and amenities. Unpredictable weather and even slight change in currents can impact the way cruises operate. If you easily afflicted with motion sickness, cruise travel is not for you. Worse, norovirus and gastrointestinal illness outbreaks can happen.

It may get too crowded.

Even if you have your own cabin, once you step out, you will immediately realize that you’re with thousands of other guests. You might have to wait to get a table or take a dip in the pool. Long queues for dinner buffet, or simply getting your way to the limited washrooms.

It takes too long to do things.

When exploring the various areas or docking, you have to wait several hours and tolerate very long lines. You want to emulate that Titanic scene of Jack and Rose? Wait until 55 couples ahead of you are finished their poses.sickness

Expensive ways to communicate.

You can’t easily communicate with others on the ship. You also need to spend 3 to 5 dollars just to make a call and you’re not guaranteed clear connection every time because you’re way out at sea. Internet connection? While there are more ships offering wi-fi services for those who squeeze work, signals can be patchy, not to mention the hotel-chain like pricing model.

Average entertainment.

Some of the ports you visit may not be very attractive or interesting. Many people also complain that the shows can be rather boring. It really depends on the kind of cruise you availed. Some may invite familiar singers, while others have no-name but talented entertainers. Still, other cruise lines are too frugal to invest on quality shows that guests are better of staying in their bunkers.

Noisy kids.

All cruise travels will involve rowdy and noisy children who will run along the corridors and cry all night long — unless, of course, you’re on an all-adult cruise, which can be more expensive. Crying, running around everywhere. If you can only escape the scene — but not until the ship docks.

The cruise ship too big to explore.

Your excitement to explore all the areas of the ship may die down after a few hours of boarding, once you realize that the vessel is too big. While there’s a lot to explore, it can be an exhausting experience.

Lost items and people.

There are many instances wherein people and items can get lost on board because of the massive size of the ship. It can be a traumatic experience to lose your luggage while on a cruise. Children can also easily get lost among thousands of other people.

Average food.

Even though you may be served gourmet dishes, some of these are over priced and only taste average. You also need to make a lot of arrangements if you have food allergies. Worse, food contamination happens and that brings outbreaks on ships. Note that there may be nurses on board but a cruise ship, when lots of people get sick, it can be a catastrophic situation.

Poor service.

Not all cruise lines offer excellent service. Considering the fact that there are thousands of other demanding passengers, you might be neglected whenever you ask for something.

Sea hazards.

Similar to other modes of travel, there is always the risk of the ship sinking. People with certain fears related to accidents and the ocean may not have a wonderful time throughout the trip.


Of course, this list does not define the entire cruise experience and these may not even happen to you. This is why you need to carefully plan your trip and study the ship’s many amenities first before you make a booking. It’s also best that you travel during off-peak seasons so it doesn’t get too packed with vacation goers.