Skidome Denmark, set to be built by a Danish architectural company, will become the biggest ski dome in the world and comes in the unique form of a giant snowflake.

The structure is located in Randers in the northeastern portion of Denmark and features slopes totaling three kilometers that will go over the river. The residents of Randers will definitely be close to the action.

To create the snowflake shape, there will be three arches linked in the middle. Denmark’s CEBRA designed the special dome which resembles a 6-point snowflake.

The whole area spans 100,000 square meters with some 70,000 square meters dedicated solely to the ski area. When Skidome Denmark is completed, SkiDubai will take second place when it comes to size with 22,500 square meters of space.


Skidome will house six indoor slopes and two outdoor slopes on the arches. These generally measure about 700 meters and go up 110 meters over the ground to span over the Gudena River. There will be a chair lift for every piste. CEBRA is also considering plans to install an elevator to enter between the slopes and arches.

Colors will be assigned to show skiers which slopes are ideal for beginners up to expert level.

Skidome Denmark, once it is finished, is expected to become a global destination especially as the topography follows the Alpe D’Huez ski resort in France. There will also be changes made to the slopes to provide a unique time to skiers of various levels of experience.


Add those to the attractions other facilities beyond skiing. Even BMX riders and skateboarders will like using the seemingly urban playground made in the middle arch. The base arch will feature a green landscaped roof park.

Other things to look forward to include shops, a hotel and eating hubs. People from different parts of the globe are expected to flock to the site soon.