Sand steam at Puning

Majority of guests are Korean tourists.
Majority of guests are Korean tourists.

Puning Hot Spring is a wellness heaven for those seeking adventure and picturesque landscape. Located in the Aeta Ancestral, Puning Hot Spring is an excellent choice for a getaway not far from Manila.

The facility is divided into three sections, each offering unique experience and entertainment. The first section is the reception, where visitors can rent a 4×4 jeep to drive around the facility. From there, visitors can drive to the heavenly wellness sand steam and mudpack spa area. And after adrenaline rush and relaxation, guests are welcomed in the restaurant for some genuine, authentic and delicious food.

The Hot Spring area consists of pools in various sizes, paved alleys, native cottages and lots of landscape for visitors to enjoy the nature.

The sand spa is the best part of the Puning Hot Spring experience. Covered by volcanic sands, visitors enjoy the warm from volcanic ashes penetrating their body. The temperature ranges from 40 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. Buried under the hot sand, visitors lay for 15 to 20 minutes, after which they get a body massage and a mudpack treatment. It is said that the spa treatment helps people with cholesterol problems, body pains and blood circulation.

The road to Puning Hot Spring via 4x4 vehicle.
The road to Puning Hot Spring via 4×4 vehicle.

For the adrenaline lovers, Puning Hot Spring has a special surprise. The facility has several 4×4 jeeps for hire. Visitors can pick up a vehicle at the reception of Puning Hot Spring, and drive their jeep around the facility, or they can choose to go sightseeing landscapes around the facility. In both cases, a 4×4 jeep is an excellent choice for adventurers. A ride around the beautiful terrain presents guests with a visual feast.

Puning Hot Spring and its landscape is known for it rock formations. The imposing formations made formed by lahar are visible on both sides of the road.

How to Get There
There are three ways to get to Puning Hot Spring. The first one is when visitors book a tour with a travel company. Those who want to get there by their individual arrangement can get there from the Clark Airport or from Mabalacat terminal. To get to Puning Hot Spring from the Clark Airport, visitors need to take a 15 minute drive from the Sapang Bato gate in the airport. Those who travel from Mabalacat terminl need to take the jeepney to Angeles City. From there, their journey continues with another jeepney to Sapang Bato and a tricycle to Sitio Target.

There are no special when visiting Puning Hot Spring. However, it is recommended that visitors bring sunscreen if they want to enjoy the sun. For those who want to try the pools, swim wear is required. Another good advice is to bring extra clothing for the sand spa, in order to keep your clothes/underwear clean.


Sand steam at Puning
Sand steam at Puning

A packaged daily tour costs 3,000 pesos (approximately $70). The minimum is set at two persons per visit. The package includes visit to the Hot Spring, entrance fee, local guide fee, sand spa, mudpack, massage and drive with 4×4 jeeps. Attractions are free of charge for children below 3 feet.

Best time to Visit

Since the main attractions in the Puning Hot Spring are weather dependent, it is best that visitors take the tour during spring/summer or early autumn. Bad weather, especially rain, can potentially ruin the experience.

Contact details

Phone: +63 919 339 2795
Please note that you need to be patient when trying to reach Puning Hot Spring.