Puerto Galera, also quoted as ‘Poor Man’s Boracay’ is situated at Oriental Mindoro. Like Boracay, it has white sand and green mountains surrounded by the beautiful sea, only it’s less crowded.

To get to the place, you have to travel to the Batangas Port. From Manila, you can take the Jam Liner, a bus line that stops at the Batangas Port. The bus line has a terminal in Cubao, Quezon City. Transport takes about 5-6 hours and costs Php 175 per passenger.

The first trip at the Batangas Port to Puerto Galera is at 6am. Be wary of scams, many people will approach you trying to guide you where to go next, then ask for a tip after. Even a first timer can do all those things by themselves, only you take more time to look for directions and locations.

Before you can get inside the station, you have to pay an environmental fee, which is 30 per person. Ride the Minolo Shipping Lines from Batangas Port to Puerto Galera. You have the option of buying one way or two way tickets. A one way ticket costs Php 275 per person while a two way costs Php 500 per person.


Try to get the seats in the middle if you don’t want to get wet from the water splashes. And if you’re prone to seasickness, don’t sit in the seats facing backwards because it will make you feel dizzier.

Environmental fees must be paid upon entrance and exit to the beach. The entrance fee is worth less than Php 20.

The long hours of travel pays off as soon as you catch sight of the beautiful scenery. The sand appears golden under the sun and the waters are clean and clear. The depth is also just right for swimming a few steps into the water. You can relax and laze around doing nothing or take a dip at the cool waters.

In between two beaches, the White Beach and the Tamaraw Beach Resort, there is an wesome rock formation that you can climb, albeit with some difficulty. The walk is bit of challenge but the view and scenery is well worth it, it’s also a good place to hold a photoshoot.

puerto galera

Always try to get a glimpse of the sunset at the beach. Sunsets and sunrise are cliché but the sun never appears in the sky in the same way twice.

The resort also offers water sports and water activities. One of the best must-try would be the water jet pack. The blasts coming out of it will take you up the sky and make you feel like a real superhero flying. Serious balance however is a must.

There’s also the exciting night life in the place. Starting from sundown, the bars extend their area up to the shores for the convenience of customers and offer variety shows. Most of the guests and intermission numbers are made by gays. It can even be comparable to live gay comedy shows in Manila. In fact there are so many shows in one place you will have difficulty choosing which show to watch.

The best thing about being in someplace else is the freedom that comes with it. You don’t have to put up appearances and you can just enjoy the life. Get drunk and chat up people and make some new friends. It’s the best place for friends who enjoy bar hopping and the night life.