In the city of lights and one of the closest association with honeymoon and romance, very few, if any, cities compare with Paris, France. Now, if you are unsure where to pop the question in this city, we’ll tell you when and where to do so.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a signature landmark in Paris and is one of the most romantic places that you should never miss when going to France. Start the proposal with a dinner at the Jules Verne restaurant. The city lights come to life at night, making your dinner all the more romantic. You can then take a short walk in the park just adjacent to the tower and see the lights as you pop the question. The best season to go would be during the spring.


parisMontmarte is a great place overlooking Paris. It is situated on a hill so you have a full view of the city. The surroundings feature quiet villages. You can begin the proposal by sipping a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon and browsing through some French artworks along the winding streets. Watch the sunset as you pop the question. The best time to visit would be in the summer.

Le Bilboquet

Individuals who like to propose at night can try the Le Bilboquet restaurant. Enjoy some jazz music while sipping some cocktails and trying authentic French appetizers and treats. There is a balcony where couples can watch the band visibly. Ask the question at the end of the night.

Fontaine de Medicis

A popular spot for lovers. The Renaissance fountain used to be the home of Marie de Medicis, the widow of Henri IV. Witness some stone carvings that describe some love stories. The spot is also known for its gardens and as a rendezvous for famous sweethearts. Toss a coin into the fountain and make a special wish for both of you before showing the ring.

Musee de la Vie Romantique

Take a walk back in time and see the beautiful cobbled courtyard and flowers. The name speaks for itself and you can think of some of the most romantic classical playlists to listen to as you pick a flower and prepare the big question. It is best to visit in the spring or summer.

Lle St. Louis

Visit the famous western tip at night and see the serene street lights. Notre Dame will show off its majestic old stones that will make everything seem perfect for the proposal. Appreciate the sights and think of your future lives together as a couple as you unveil the ring. The place is best to visit in the summer.